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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Relish’ channels a modern, queer ‘Breakfast Club’

For anyone needing a bit of drama in the day, look no further than Relish, the forthcoming film from writer/director Justin Ward set to premiere at the Burbank International Film Festival September 6.

Relish focuses on five troubled teenagers: transgender rebel, Kai (Tyler DiChiara), Aspen (Hana Hayes), a social media influencer, Levi (Mateus Ward), a football player addicted to opioids, the bipolar Theo (Rio Mangini) and Sawyer (Chelsea Zhang) an alien-obsessed geek. When the five meet in a rehab center, they plot their escape in hopes of attending the fabled Dreamland Music Fest (think Coachella on LSD…which might be redundant).

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Relish confronts the issues facing contemporary young people with humor and honesty. In the tradition of the films of John Hughes, it tells a story of an unlikely friendship with tenderness. It also does what Hughes never would: integrate queer characters and their struggles into a mainstream story.

In the exclusive clip, Kai confronts Aspen about their burgeoning feelings for one another while the five continue on their journey to Dreamfest.

Relish premieres at the Burbank International Film Fest September 6. A nationwide release is pending.