Sing Out

EXCLUSIVE: Singer Lisa Loeb debuts her new video, and it’s oh-so-gay

Lisa Loeb is back.

The thoughtful singer-songwriter had a great chat with Queerty last fall, and even let us debut her single “Sing Out,” a Pride anthem dedicated to the queer community. Loeb told us that she penned the song as a feel-good sing-a-long tune, inspired by her experience performing at Nashville Pride. She told Queerty the song “is really about celebrating who you are, who I am, who we are individually, and that touches on feelings of feeling insecure to be yourself, and realizing how important it is to celebrate yourself.”

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Last year we debuted the single. Queerty has an exclusive on the new video. The short features footage from 5-minute crafts, painting out a rainbow to echo the lyrics of pride. In these trying times, it’s comforting to have a tune about joy and optimism.

Have a look, have a listen and try not to get misty-eyed.