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Exclusive: Stonewall Inn Victim Speaks About Bashers’ Sentencing

‘Happy’ is not the word I would use. I believe that the legal system determined a fair punishment for these young men. For their own sake, I’m pleased that they owned their crime and plead guilty to it.

All I feel is relief that this is over and nausea that two young people screwed themselves and probably caused a great deal of pain for their families. It’s a sick waste of human potential. There’s no place for happiness in this. I just hope they can manifest something good as they move forward in their lives.

There were a number of hate crimes in New York City near the same time as mine. An analysis of the legal outcome of these and other hate crimes should be reviewed before we know if the system is working for LGBT people.

As for my personal experience, the system exceeded my expectations. And by system I mean the city of New York: From the barback at Stonewall (Ben), who chased these guys through the streets, [to] the uniformed officers and the detectives of the 6th precinct who stayed with process all weekend, the ambulance and hospital professionals, the office of Councilmember Christine Quinn, the tenacious D.A’s office (notably Assistant D.A. Karin Singh) and the people I testified before during the hearing.

I’ve heard a great deal of cynicism about the police and legal system, so I didn’t know what to expect, but watching them in action and the speed in which they move while remaining professional and compassionate despite incredibly long hours was unanticipated.

To put it in more pedestrian/colloquial terms: Don’t fuck with New York.”

—Bashing victim Ben Carver to Queerty on whether he was happy about the two-year sentences received by Matt Francis and Christopher Orlando, who assaulted him in the bathroom of New York’s Stonewall Inn in October 2010.


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  • j

    He seems like a brilliant person, best of luck to him.

  • doublestandard

    Lets hope they serve the full sentence. Prison sentences of two years = 1 year and if they are good little boys who claim religion 6 months

  • Little Kiwi

    handled with honesty and in inspiring amount of grace. colour me impressed.

  • SpireaX

    He’s very eloquent in his response: honest about his feelings and experience, forgiving towards his assailants, and most of all, grateful to all the people that help him during this ordeal.

  • Kirk

    Hope the boys get what they deserve in prison – that will be justice!

  • Little Kiwi

    in truth, what I hope comes from this is that the two attackers find their own redemption.

    never forget Stan “Tookie” Williams.

    people can atone, people can redeem themselves, and people can work hard to ensure that nobody else makes the same mistakes and commits the same harms that they once did.

    i’m incredibly moved by Carver’s tone in all of this.

  • den

    Hot and articulate. Love him.

  • doublestandard

    I’d Hit

  • Village Bob

    it seems that Ben Carver has taken an awful situation and come to peace with it in the best way possible. i wish him all the best.

    not to be picky…. but since she got a shout out, isn’t the assistant DA is KIRAN Singh? Karin doesn’t strike me as a particularly Sikh name, unless that’s what she uses at work.

    and to those who need background on Sikhism/beliefs:

  • the crustybastard

    A modern gentleman; gracious, thoughtful and inspirational.

    Thanks for the good news, Queerty.

  • BubbasBack

    It’s all Obama’s fault! (Burp).

  • Martin PA

    Eloquent words yes. But I remember another side of Ben Carver from a Lez Get Real dust up last year. He was anything but eloquent in his justification for using the word “nigger” repeatedly in a post on his website which of course he wound up removing. He mostly comes off as arrogant, narcissistic, and patronizing. His recent response was eloquent though and I am glad to see that he is seeing above his inflated ego.

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