EXCLUSIVE: True Blood‘s Denis O’Hare Calls Chris Christie A “Fat F**k… In The Most Poetic Sense”

Out actor Denis O’Hare (right) has been making waves as True Blood’s villainous vampire Russell Edgington, a role—spoiler alert!—he’ll be resuming  next season.

But this celebrated actor doesn’t need a scriptwriter or playwright to feed him great lines: He’s got plenty of his own, especially in the political arena.

We ran into O’Hare at Second Stage Theater’s All-Star Bowling Class on Monday, where the subject of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came up. (Maybe it was because we were holding round, heavy bowling balls?)

“He’s a fat f**k!” exclaimed O’Hare. “And you can quote me.”

He clarified: “I’m using that phrase in the most poetic sense of it. He’s got a fat f**kin’ head. He’s got a fat f**kin’ ego. He’s got a fat f**kin’ mouth. He’s a fat f**k!”

And, if you’re wondering if Denis kisses his husband with that mouth, he sure does: After getting married to interior designer Hugo Redwood in July of last year, the couple adopted a baby boy last year and are considering bringing a second child into the family.


Click through for our full interview with out actor Denis O’Hare

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  • christopher di spirito

    But, but, but, hasn’t Denis heard? We’re not allowed by the “PC” police to call Gov. Fatso a fat. We have be about love. Even when the homophobes are ready to throw the switch to the oven, no comments about fat.

  • Phantom

    I love Denis O’Hare before he made this comment and I still love Denis O’Hare after he made this comment. I don’t care what he said, he is still an awesome actor.

  • Steve

    @christopher di spirito: I don’t care what’s pc but being fat has nothing to do with him being an awful person.

    Calling him fat and using it against him does nothing for our movement when some of our movement is fat.

    Denis O’Hare is fucking awesome. He’s a great actor and totally hot.

  • Friend of Christie

    Good God, will this juvenile delinquency never end? OK, Queerty, we get it. Chris Christie is fat. We get it you think he’s a slob (as opposed to Michael Moore). We get it you want to obsess over his weight (as opposed to Rosie O’Donnell). We get it, we get it, we get it. Now will YOU please get it that in doing so, you’re wearing your fear of him on your sleeve, and you appear to be running scared—humorously, just as you did with Sarah Palin, until you finally got the hint that she wasn’t going to be annointed Queen of the Oppressed World and suddenly stopped slamming her. So keep quoting C-list celebrities who don’t like Republicans. As long as you hyper-PC guys (all of whom are physical specimens of perfection, I’m sure) are ready for all of the backlash that will come, keep it up. Just keep in mind what Steve (No 3) stated: “Calling him fat and using it against him does nothing for our movement when someone of our movement is fat.” Well put, Steve.

  • Caliban

    @Friend of Christie:

    Can you READ?! If you want to bitch, then bitch at Denis O’Hare, who said it!

    But fine, without commenting about Chris Christie’s weight, I’ll just say he’s piece of shit. Acknowledging on one hand that public referendums on Civil Rights in the 1960s would have been doomed to failure and that would be a BAD thing, while still calling for public referendums on Civil Rights issues today is pretty much the definition of piece of shit-dom. That he’s an inordinately large piece of shit is beside the point.

    That work any better for you?

  • Oh, ok.

    Since when is fat a swear word? You can’t call a fat person fat anymore?

    Talk about oversensitivity. If you don’t like being fat then do something about it, if you’re fine with it then a word that isn’t remotely negative won’t hurt you.

  • Oh, ok.

    @Friend of Christie: Um, “Friend” of Christie, I just Googled him.

    …He’s fat as hell.

    Are you blind? Fat is an accurate description. Stop crying about reality.

  • Friend of Christie

    @Caliban: My complaint was that Queerty is quick to run such any story containing Christie-bashing. As for Mr. O’Hare, he’s an unattractive Hollywood tool with a mouth a whole lot bigger than his talent. That work any better for you?

    @Oh, ok.:
    Really? This coming from the “Stop the Bullying!” crowd? How quaint. So we have the right to criticize someone based on their appearance? I suppose just because someone has dark skin, it’s OK to call him a “darky,” then, right? Or it’s OK to call an Asian a “slant” because their eyes are, in fact, slanted. Is that your logic? You are sooo desperate for relevance, pal.
    And you’re a fattist.

  • Oh, ok.

    @Friend of Christie: A fattist? You have a screw loose. Lmao.

  • David

    @FriendOfChristie, Wow what a self-hating douche. Did you not read what Dennis said? “I’m using that phrase in the most poetic sense of it. He’s got a fat f**kin’ head. He’s got a fat f**kin’ ego. He’s got a fat f**kin’ mouth. He’s a fat f**k!” ALL of that is correct.

  • Friend of Christie

    @Oh, ok.: Simply put, you’re someone who judges others by their appearance. Were it his race you criticized him for, you’d be labeled a racist, yes? Since you obviously have such contempt for fat people, that makes you a fattist. Or a fatophobe. Or whatever PC term you hardcore libs are using these days. Judging someone based on appearance? Bad, bad liberal.

  • Craig R

    I don’t understand why you can’t call a fat person fat.

    I mean being fat ins’t an intrinsic biological quality like sexuality or race.

    You are fat because you eat too much. Now I personally think that there are worse things than being fat, but you can’t pretend it isn’t your fault.

    What I don’t get is those people you see who are so fat they can hardly move or fit in a seat. I mean for fucks sake, just don’t stuff so much into your gob.

  • CBRad

    Did Queerty just post this as another shot at the mick O’Hare ? You guys are nothing if not……gay ghetto.

  • Friend of Christie

    @David: And here the hypocrites come piling out of the liberal clown car. Imagine if anyone had made the identical statement regarding not the Gov of NJ, but POTUS:
    “He’s a black fuck, and you can quote me. I’m using that phrase in the most poetic sense of it. He’s got a black fucking head, he’s got a black fucking ego, he’s got a black fucking mouth. He’s a black fuck!”

    Or imagine if someone might have gone after Denis O’Hare in the same way:
    “He’s a gay fuck, and you can quote me. I’m using that phrase in the most poetic sense of it. He’s got a gay fucking head, he’s got a gay fucking ego, he’s got a gay fucking mouth. He’s a gay fuck!”

    Yeah, Denis O’Hare is one classy, poetic guy. Poetry like that deserves a Pulitzer.

  • Oh, ok.

    @Friend of Christie: Where did I show contempt for fat people? I have contempt for crybabies like you though. Grow up, you’re fat, get over it.

  • Phantom

    OMG. Grow up guys. Chris is fat and thats a fact. How did he get fat? Who knows. He is still fat no matter what.


    I really loved Denis O’Hare on True Blood and I love him even more. I wasn’t sure of his sexual orientation but I am glad he is one of us. And I thought that it was his good acting that enabled him 2 portray being a gay vampire. Now it explains VOLUMES. So glad he is coming back to the super awesome series. Look forward 2 seeing his evil personnafied character again.

  • David

    @Friend Of Christie Well I can only speak for myself but you can say whatever the hell you want about Obama. I could really care less. I think he;s a terrible president and I think he has bigoted views. I’m not a typical “liberal” in the sense that I’m not tied down to any party…both parties suck. Christie and Obama BOTH suck…Anyone who tries to dispute this is an idiot.

  • Riker

    Ordinarily I’d be opposed to resorting to fat jokes to tear down Christie. Its just rude and uncivilized. However, I think Gov. Christie pretty much left to door wide open to that with his stupid “numbnuts” line.

  • Steve

    Christie is fat, no question about it. But we have actually reasons, things he’s done as a governor for example, to hate on him.

    I don’t believe there’s anything intrinsically wrong with being fat. It’s just a superficial characteristic, it has no meaning or value. Body image is just a way to tear down someone to lift yourself up so you can feel better. To create an other so you have someone to better than and I think it is sad that the gay community is so body-image driven. It’s kind of degrading to our fat brothers and sisters when we use fat as an insult against our enemies. There are lots of people who are fat, some are bigots, some are gay or lesbian, some are trans, some are our friends or family, some are our enemies.

    Let’s not be shallow here.

  • Friend of Christie

    @christopher di spirito: Ah, ya got me. Busted at last. Your insightful detection is otherwordly, because I am, in fact, as you so gracefully put it, Mrs. Fatso. Congratulations—you’ve proven you really ARE superior to everyone else in the world. What fools we’ve all been, daring to debate your greatness. Rejoice, for a new world is born, one with only perfectly sculpted people. Thank you, christopher di spirito, for making this world as perfect as you. Your posts prove to the world what a man of love and empathy you are.

  • NoChubsAllowed

    “If you’re a fat gay man, please move to the back of the bus, the front seats are for normal people…”

  • Patsy Stoned

    Thank you Riker, for pointing out that Christie certainly isn’t above calling names himself. “Friend” of Christie, and his pearl-clutching notwithstanding. So I’m sure Christie is capable of dishing it out AND taking it.

    For the record I don’t care about Christie’e weight. I have an issue with his craven, cowardly politics and his attempts at using gay and lesbian citizens of New Jersey as political footballs to please his bigot overlords. His exterior pales next to his repugnant interior.

  • christopher di spirito

    @Friend of Christie: So tell us, Mrs. Gov. Fatso, how do you have sex with that obese homophobe? Isn’t hoisting his 60 inch belly difficult or does he lay on his back and you straddle him?

  • R.A.

    In Post #5, Friend of Christie complains that we don’t criticize Michael Moore or Rosie O’Donnell for their weight issues.

    That complaint actually negates his constant accusation that we are criticizing Christie for being fat.

    It’s true – if we were bigoted about fat, we would criticize all fat people.

    But we are not.

    We attack Christie because he is attacking us.

    It’s called self-defense.

  • Friend of Christie

    @R.A.: No, attacking someone’s POLICIES would be self-defense. Attacking their appearance is just desperate and juvenile. Unless, of course, one pokes fun at Obama’s appearance—then it’s (cue whine) raaaaaaacism.

  • Robert in NYC

    @Friend of Christie: Christie bashing, really? So what do you call foregoing the legislature and calling for a mob rule referendum targeting one specific group of people? What kind of a message is that sending? It’s tantamount to gay bashing. It’s hateful, mean-spirited and undemocratic and so is he. He should be ashamed of himself for displaying total ignorance of the constitution and its 14th amendment. He’s totally inappropriate to be in politics, let alone governor.

  • R.A.

    @Friend of Christie:
    No, only if it’s racist.

    Which is obviously where your heart is.

  • Chris Christie is Immoral

    Chris Christie has committed the mortal sin of gluttony and the mortal sin of sloth. He is hellbound in God’s eyes.

    This is the gospel truth (quite literally). Defending him is an effort to recruit children into extreme obesity, gluttony and sloth and transform America into an immoral cesspool.

    The Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it.

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