EXCLUSIVE: True Blood‘s Denis O’Hare Calls Chris Christie A “Fat F**k… In The Most Poetic Sense”

Out actor Denis O’Hare (right) has been making waves as True Blood’s villainous vampire Russell Edgington, a role—spoiler alert!—he’ll be resuming  next season.

But this celebrated actor doesn’t need a scriptwriter or playwright to feed him great lines: He’s got plenty of his own, especially in the political arena.

We ran into O’Hare at Second Stage Theater’s All-Star Bowling Class on Monday, where the subject of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came up. (Maybe it was because we were holding round, heavy bowling balls?)

“He’s a fat f**k!” exclaimed O’Hare. “And you can quote me.”

He clarified: “I’m using that phrase in the most poetic sense of it. He’s got a fat f**kin’ head. He’s got a fat f**kin’ ego. He’s got a fat f**kin’ mouth. He’s a fat f**k!”

And, if you’re wondering if Denis kisses his husband with that mouth, he sure does: After getting married to interior designer Hugo Redwood in July of last year, the couple adopted a baby boy last year and are considering bringing a second child into the family.


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