EXCLUSIVE: Vanessa Redgrave Pops Up On Political Animals As Sapphic Supreme Court Justice

We already told you about Sebastian Stan playing Sigourney Weaver’s gay son on USA’s new drama Political Animals. But now the network has given us the scoop that legendary actress Vanessa Redgrave is appearing on this Sunday’s episode as a lesbian Supreme Court justice.

Redgrave will play Diane Nash, a longtime mentor to Hilary Clinton-like Elaine Hammond (Weaver).  In the clip above, we see Elaine singing Nash’s praises.

Hmm, could Animals—from out producer Greg Berlanti—be making a not-so-veiled reference at rumored gay Supreme Elena Kagan? Or is this a comment on Hilldawg’s sexuality? Tune in and find out.

Political Animals airs Sundays at 10pm on USA Network.