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EXCLUSIVE: Watch Rosé seduce the ultimate holi-daddy in new ‘Santa Baby’ music video

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If you’re looking for a queer holiday love story (and you’ve already run through The Holiday Sitter), Drag Race star Rosé has just the video for you.

In this updated take on the old Eartha Kitt classic, the singing queen of season 13 shakes her fruitcakes in the hopes of one little thing (a ring!). With the pads she’s packing, Mrs. Claus better keep an eye on her man.

Rosé has been showing off her musical prowess for years alongside fellow dragged-up vocal powerhouses Lagoona Bloo and Jan Sport in their Stephanie’s Child girl group, but the girls are taking a chance to show off their solo talents — and what talents they are.

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“I have always adored ‘Santa Baby’,” Rosé says of the standard. “I love its naughty, sexy mood, and its femininity. My version pays homage to Eartha Kitt’s, Madonna’s, and Gwen Stefani’s but I make the song my own by peppering in some light percussion and a few string moments. Also, my ‘Santa Baby’ is almost 100% vocal, and the voice is of a cis man.”

Featuring visuals from Nickelodeon animator Joe Sulsenti and Disney animator Miles Schlenker, the production on this video did not come to play. Naturally, it came to sleigh.

Slip under the tree with “Santa Baby”: