EXCLUSIVE: Watch The Trailer For The New Gay-Teen Drama “North Sea Texas”

In Flemish director Bavo Defurne’s latest film, North Sea Texas, introverted teen Pim spends his time drawing and avoiding his emerging feelings for Gino, the handsome boy next door. When his mom takes up with a new boyfriend, Pim ends up moving in with Gino and his family. Is this the chance of a lifetime for the closeted youth—or one more cruel twist of fate?

North Sea Texas will get a limited theatrical release in New York and Los Angeles starting November 2.


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  • David

    How is this “new”? I saw this at the Gay and Lesbian Film festival last year in Boston. Maybe they get them early. In either case, it was a good movie.

  • Seth

    Yet another “lonely gay teen searches for love but story ends in tragedy” story? Another? This makes me want to cry. I don’t want to immerse myself in yet another story of loneliness, hopelessness and heartbreak that ends with betrayal, abandonment and emotional crisis, even death. I can’t count how many gay-themed books I’ve read and movies I’ve watched that go like that. It comprises the rampant majority of gay-themed media besides fetish porn. Is this some kind of conspiracy? I’m sick of it!

    Someone please show me the short list (and I’m sure it’s short) of “gay teen finds love and story ends happily” books and movies. We need more prominent stories like that to give hope and direction to the kids who have none yet.

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