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Exercise Makes You Happy and Healthy? Think Again, America!

Details found a “new trend” (always be scared of those words) that you should be scared about: gym addicts!

Look out for other tell-tale signs of obvious scare tactics. “Growing number” and “it seems.”

[A] growing number of guys, it seems, think that missing one day of exercise, or even cutting short a workout, will suddenly make them frail or—far worse—fat. Among their ranks is the guy who can’t sleep nights because he’s too amped-up about the training he’s going to do at 5 a.m. If his trip to the gym isn’t up to snuff, he’ll log another in the evening, making excuses to blow off work or a date. And then there’s the guy who feels compelled to ride the stationary bike until he has burned off every last calorie from lunch (“You’re paying the price for that slice of pizza,” he tells himself). And if these workout junkies can’t exercise—if they spend a mere 24 hours away from the weight room—they plunge headlong into depression.

A growing number of magazines, it seems, are hoping to desperately capitalize on their readerships’ complete naivety in recognizing trend frauds. Is compulsive exercise a problem, and a symptom of deeper mental issues like body dysmorphic disorder? Probably! Is it something that we need to start warning America about? No — the last thing we need is to fear exercise.