Exodus International’s iPhone App Is Available For ‘Those That Struggle With Same-Sex Attractions’

Exodus International’s Jeff Buchanan says it’s the “lack of tolerance and lack of true diversity” that’s behind the campaign to get Apple to yank the ex-gay group’s iPhone app. And anyone who supports the campaign has been “fed misinformation about our organization and who we are.” Totally true! Because you guys don’t understand that Exodus “love[s] those that struggle with same-sex attractions or are gay, and we just want to communicate the message of Jesus, and the message of Christ to them.” [via]

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  • Anterrelic

    All this double-speak has my head spinning. Are they seriously suggesting that we all need to be more tolerant of their intolerance?

    Perhaps Exodus needs to be more tolerant of peoples intolerance for their intolerance.

    Or something.

  • Jim Hlavac

    Exodus International meetings must be one hot pick up place — with nothing but gay guys “struggling” to struggle with each other. Or not. Are there any women who’s going to want 10,000,000 gay men gone straight? Why are there never any pools of available spinsters awaiting their prince charmings — presumably us. The numbers don’t add up. It would require, what is it, Polyamory or something – more than one man for one women. There’s just no pool of gals for us gay guys. Why don’t those people who want us to go straight bring a woman each for us, to arrange the marriages, play yenta. We’re not going to do it. I’d have no idea, frankly. But still, show me the women! (Well, no, no, don’t. Thanks.)

  • The sane Francis

    Alan Chambers already admitted sexuality cannot be changed. In fact there was a queerty article stating this. He fully admits that you never become straight at all. That’s why they call themselves ex-gays, they are NOT straight at all, and never will be. These sick organizations teach sexual repression and self-hatred. The suicide rate is huge and an overwhelming number have same-sex intercourse during/after “treatments”. It is NOTHING but a sham and an attack on our community, to try to turn vulnerable gays into their personal fundamentalist robots.

  • B

    No. 1 · Anterrelic wrote, “All this double-speak has my head spinning. Are they seriously suggesting that we all need to be more tolerant of their intolerance?”

    Judging from how that guy looked in the video, my guess is the intolerance he’s worried about revolves around gays who are not “open minded” enough to put their you know whats in his mouth!

  • TheRealAdam

    Shit! Shit! Shit! The whole organization, SHIT! How DARE they play the victim card, how dare they speak of “tolerance and lack of true diversity” when they practice modern day sorcery on fragile minds! Charlatans! Serpents! All of them!

    Queerty should not be running any story from CBN. Those filthy roaches do not deserve a spot on this site.

  • GetBalance

    Great to see this as i went directly to Apple to register my opposition to the app. Exodus is a group of spineless wimps who cry in their soup over being gay, swear to never have sex for fear of going to “hell” (the biggest Dork scam ever) and infect our youth with lies and other such crap. And they remain gay! Lordylord, and they think Jesus is supportive. Ohhhhh Yeh like right. Get those people off the map, they are truly pathetic, lie like rugs and ruin peoples lives.

  • Lisa

    Why is gay treated like a disease? Why should someone even try to change? You are what you are, life is complicated enough and everyone is valuable and perfect just the way they are. That’s the message that should be in anything life affirming such as religion is supposed to be, but clearly is not.

  • The sane Francis

    Gay is treated like a disease because many think it is a disease, Lisa. Or at the very least, think gay is “lesser than” in comparison to heterosexuality. Which is the major problem.

  • Gigi

    “…feedback has been positive from the people that support us…”

  • jbdean

    So much for freedom of speech, eh?

    If someone wants to join any organization to try and help them stop their attractions to the same sex, that’s THEIR choice. By insisting Apple remove the app., you are censoring based on your personal beliefs and that’s not legal or fair. Let them choose for themselves. Hey, here’s an idea … create an app that will help people struggling by not changing their preferences. You are scared that some that are gay will be able to become heterosexual (as many have done). Again, it’s THEIR choice and not yours or mine. Leave the app alone.

  • TheRealAdam

    @jbdean: No one’s “scared” of any gays changing their “preferences” to heterosexual, because it’s impossible and has been recognized as such. Hence why people are furious at the mere suggestion of it, and that’s what this is really about.

    There is no “choice” to make in this situation between two fallacies.

    The app must go and must stay gone. End of discussion.

  • The sane Francis

    What the fuck was the ex-gay commenter #10 saying? Oh yeah, nothing. Adam summed it up perfectly.

  • justiceontherocks

    @jbdean: Hey Junior. Here’s the deal. No one is censoring an app. Your group’s pseudo science is as dangerous to people as a box of rattlesnakes. I wouldn’t want the local store to carry the rattlers (though I can find a couple for you if you like), and I don’t want Apple to offer your foolishness either.

    You’re out of your league here. But I am happy for you to write all you like, because the more you type the more people realize what a joke your organization is.

  • GetBalance

    I think as long as sexually confused predators allow a sexually illiterate religion to blow crystal methane holy smoke up the public’s ass, rational humans have a right duty and responsibility to erradicate it at any and all costs ASAP.

  • Atheism = prejudice

    GetBalance seeks to eradicate religion at any and all cost ASAP.

    That’s quite a final solution.

  • GetBalance

    Not really. Just the ones with the intelligence of a dead nat. When the holy roller cannibals eat their own without a hitch, yeh, I’m not only final about it, I will actively seek it out and kill it. And heads up, save your long drawn out epistle lorn judgment strewn bloody typing fingers for someone who gives a rats ass, you will get zero response from this side of heaven.

  • Charlie

    @Anterrelic: Love this. Sums up my views perfectly.

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