Exodus Int’l Prez Alan Chambers Is Just Super-Jazzed About Being Named Christian Of The Year

Congratulations Alan Chambers: World magazine just named you 2011’s Daniel of the Year, their big award that “honors Christians who stand up to unholy trends”—you know, like recycling, getting your kids vaccinated or reading anything other than Nicholas Sparks novels.

The particular trend Chambers is giving the hand to is homosexuality (you probably guessed that if you saw his face on our home page). He’s the president of Exodus International, the Make-a-Wish Foundation for terminal homosexuals.

In the clip above, Pat Robertson’s CBN profile Chambers and his work helping Christians “struggling with same-sex attraction.”

Meanwhile Chambers (at left right his beard wife, Leslie) sounds like he’s got a slow leak.

On its website, World goes into some detail about why it chose him for the honor:

It’s not an easy job. Part of Chambers’ work involves treading into the lion’s den of mainstream media outlets that scorn the notion that homosexuality is wrong. Critics have called him a bigot, a homophobe, and a spiritual terrorist. An online petition to ban an Exodus application from Apple’s iTunes store earlier this year drew more than 150,000 signatures. Apple dropped the Exodus app, saying it offended large groups of people.

But there’s something that angers Chambers’ opponents as much as his belief that homosexuality is wrong: His message that homosexuals can change. That’s not a new teaching in evangelical Christianity, but it might be one of the most radically unpopular messages in America today.”

We just can’t with these people. Seriously.

Source: Joe.My.God