Exorcist Pastor Bob Larson Requires ‘More Men’ To Rid This Man Of His Homosexual Demons

Pastor Bob Larson, who created the (very lucrative) Spiritual Freedom Churches International Inc., is not keeping his soul saving techniques inside America’s borders. On a trip to Russia, the famed demon exorciser took a young homosexual man — possessed by the devil, obvs — into his embrace in an attempt to rid him of faggy spirits. When the young man began writhing around, the only solution was to issue the same instruction as a porn star director shooting a gang bang: “More men, more men, more men!” Why didn’t that Connecticut couple try such a technqieu?

Here’s Larson, who helmed the Sci-Fi Channel reality show The Real Exorcist, performing an exorcism on the spirit calling herself “Jezebel” in Tennessee. She throws up into a trash bin, and the audience cheers: