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After experimenting with sexuality as a teen, Katy Perry was forced to “pray the gay away”

“I speak my truths and I paint my fantasies into these little bite-sized pop songs, for instance: I kissed a girl and I liked it.

Truth be told, I did more than that. But how was I going to reconcile that with the gospel-singing girl raised in youth groups that were pro-conversion camps?

What I did know was that I was curious and even then I knew sexuality wasn’t as black and white as this dress.

Honestly, I haven’t always gotten it right, but in 2008 when that song came out, I knew that I started a conversation that a lot of the world seemed curious enough to sing along to….

My first words were “mama” and “dada”, “God” and “Satan”… When I was growing up homosexuality was synonymous with the word “abomination” and “Hell”, a place of gnashing of teeth, continuous burning of skin and probably Mike Pence’s ultimate guest list for a BBQ. … So most of my unconscious adolescence, I prayed the gay away at my Jesus camps.

But then in the middle of it all, in a twist of events, I found my gift. And my gift introduced me to people outside my bubble, and my bubble started to burst….

You don’t get to choose your family, but you can choose your tribe.”Katy Perry, during her acceptance speech for LGBTQ advocacy at the 2017 Human Rights Campaign Gala

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  • Donston

    It’s hard for me to respect someone who used their same-sex hook-up as sensationalistic, male-gazing way to get famous. But I’ve learned to not put any merit in the words of these pop performers who have many bills paid by gay dollars. Even Gaga.

    • Donston

      Furthermore, I am tired of these “Some girl ate my pvssy out and now I’m one of you!” stories from women who otherwise do not date women and probably doesn’t do anything sexually with a woman unless her dude is involved. This comes off as an “I’m a special flower too” situation.

      I hope that this doesn’t come of misogynistic considering the recent article.

  • Giancarlo85

    Also there is word that Comey had four FiSA warrants on Trump campaign officials, and there are active cases against several. FISA warrants are never sought by the President (Obama in that case).

    This could wind up with the first President being put on trial for treason.

    Game EFFing over.

  • mj7417

    I get your passion, but I come to articles like this to get away from politics. Resisting is great, but life is too short to talk about Trump all the time.

  • mj7417

    Sorry about my other comment. Just scrolled down and saw this comment, and all is clear now.

  • blackhook

    Katy Perry is a talentless hack spewing out bland pablum.

  • He BGB

    You can pray til your knees bleed and you pass out from exhaustion but you will still be gay. Christians should be praying for the sick, those dying, those in hospitals, like Jesus did, than wasting their time hiding bigotry in religion.

  • Jack Meoff

    Why do guys on this site need to come down so hard on our allies? Whatever her motivations she is an ally and we can never have to many of those. I am not a huge fan of her music either but whenever I have seen her on TV being interviewed etc she seems like a great person. If you are going to pick holes in everything anyone ever does and question their motives you are going to be very lonely.

  • Rob91316

    I love Katy Perry! I resisted her for a long time — and then finally had to admit that with the increasing number of her songs in heavy rotation on my iPod, I was an official “Katy Kat.” That she has positioned herself as an ally of the LGBTQ community just makes me love her more. All you haters can hate! I’m gonna go dance to her new single, “Chained to the Rhythm.”

  • 1EqualityUSA

    I don’t know the child’s work. All the ones I love are dead, Jerry Garcia, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Janis Joplin, however, thanks for being LGBT friendly. We could use the support in these dark days of Trump.

  • tanglewood

    I knew it she is muff diving with
    The Hillary beast no wonder they
    Are tied at the hip

    • 1EqualityUSA

      wood rot

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