Explaining David Carradine’s Mysterious Death Now Includes Thailand’s Kathoeys


The latest theory floating around in the mysterious death of actor David Carradine? That he was killed by Thailand’s lady boys! Known as “kathoeys,” MTF folks there constitute a third gender — and they’re being roped in to Carradine’s bizarre hotel death where he was found bound and hanging in a closet. Was Mr. Carradine taking up with some trans folks in the sexual escapades that led to his death?

So goes one string of gossip: “But foul play has not been ruled out and Carradine’s friend David Winters, who produced three of the actor’s less-known martial arts movies, insists he was the victim of Bangkok’s Lady Boys – and local police are trying to cover up the truth. He tells America’s Globe, ‘David Carradine was murdered… I strongly believe Lady Boys are responsible. Lady Boys operate in pairs. David would not have stood a chance. They can be very brutal.'”

What? A sex tourist who got more than he bargained for? Well doesn’t that come off as a sound argument! We may never know who’s responsible for Carradine’s death, but we also hear kathoeys are responsible for the global credit crisis and the Iranian election scandal.