Watch: Explore Magnus Hastings' 'Why Drag?' Exhibit With The Haus of Mimosa

The Haus of Mimosa Explore Magnus Hasting's Why Drag Exhibit

If you haven’t heard of New York drag duo The Haus of Mimosa then you’re in for a treat! In a new video entitled ‘Exploring Magnus Hastings’ ‘Why Drag?’ Ehibit’ the duo make their way through a New York drag queen art gallery and enjoy the beautiful pictures of the “girls.” Only there’s a big part of the exhibit that they are unaware of…

Watch the full clip below to take a comical tour of Magnus Hastings’ ‘Why Drag?’ exhibit, which runs through August 26th at The OUT NY. Click here for more details about the exhibit.

Exploring Magnus Hastings’ ‘Why Drag?’ Exhibit