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  • Kasio

    Isn’t Europe supposed to be more open-minded than the US? Don’t these men have more important things to do, like beating their wives, watching football with their bellies exposed, and grunting?

  • emb

    No bombs were thrown at the Gay Games in Chicago…

  • schlukitz

    Where the f**k is security and the police while all this is going on, for crying out loud?

    Interesting observation, EMB. So much for Europeans supposedly being so much more sophisticated and tolerant of gays.

    This is disgusting.

  • DeAnimator

    Certainly, creepy dude with a giant backpack…go right on through.

  • schlukitz


    Precisely what I was alluding to, DeAnimator.

    The guy obviously didn’t manage to smuggle explosives into the stadium in his shoe telephone with the pivoting sole.

  • scott ny'er

    @emb: @schlukitz: Hmmmmmmm. Good points.

  • KyleR

    Unfortunately, in the last decade or so; extreme far-right politics is on the rise. Anti-immigrant, anti-homosexual, anti-socialism; defiantly anti-Muslim. This isn’t that surprising.

    What is a bit more surprising though is this was in Denmark. The one nation in Europe with one of the longest record of LGBT rights. In the 80s, they gave domestic partnership rights. Then in the 90s, when the US was passing DADT and DOMA; the Danes gave their LGBT community marriage right. And of course, their military allows for the Gays to serve openly.

    It’s unfortunate that when fear is used to gain political power, the worst of thew worse come to the front and is able gain power.

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