Extra, Extra! Nick Gruber Has Never Had Sex With Men For Money!

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 7.07.03 PMCalvin Klein’s heterosexual man-lover has successfully dominated the splash pages of every major news source (and The Post) for the past week. From violent “blood baths” to an “image remake“, the “outing” of his heterosexuality and getting kicked out of a party by Michael Lucas—it’s been a fabulous month to be a Nick Gruber headline.

Today brings The Inevitable Gawker Interview, and the website has trusted Michael Musto with the important task of breaking into Gruber’s psyche. Much like NY Magazine‘s fluff piece on Mr. Gruber, Gawker manages to dig up a wealth of information and fill a treasure chest with pull quotes, but does so in half the time without the bullshit.

The most notable things to come from this interview are Nick’s brand new definition of his sexuality, the admission that he’s never had sex for money or anything of the sort—not once!—and that answering questions about blowing Calvin Klein make him uncomfortable. Great!

Looks like all this press has been working in his favor, though. Gruber uses this interview to announce that his dreams are finally coming true: He’ll walk in New York Fashion Week next month.

Here’s some of our favorite gems from The Gawker Interview:

Gawker: Why is it so important for you to tell people you’re not gay?

Nick Gruber: Because that’s false information. I don’t believe in labels, I believe in what my heart tells me I love. If people say, “What are you?” I say, “I’m not gay. I’m straight, but I believe in love.”

G: You mean Calvin never even got a blowjob out of all that?

NB: No comment.

G: Well, “straight” is a label. But so is “bisexual.” Wouldn’t that one better describe you?

NG: Not at all.

G: But you’ve had relationships with men.

NG: The only one I had was with Calvin. I don’t believe in labels. I believe in love. If someone asks me what I am, I’d say primarily straight.

G: Well, I’m primarily gay! [I laugh, he wisely doesn’t.] How did you get involved in fashion?

NG: I got involved by meeting the right people, who have given me inspiration and told me I can be a model. I’m doing one show and pending two other shows. I’m doing Malan Breton and attending Zang Toi and Carlos Campos castings.

G: Were you ever a rentboy, escort, anything like that?

NG: Never once in my life.

Never once in his life!


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  • balehead

    Why is Musto so obsessed with this young man?…..

  • TheMarc

    @balehead: Really?? You act like he’s the only one.

  • TheMarc

    Well good for him. Now if he could just stay on his side of the street that would be great. I’m not heterophobic, I’m just sick and tired of these G4P guys using this community for all its worth and then throwing out the straight label as if though it’s some defense. “Oh no, I’ve had sex with men…but don’t worry, I’m still straight.”

    Frankly, I’m done with them in our bars, in our beds and in our adult entertainment. Enough is enough. They’re too many hot gay men out there to keep enabling these sociopaths.

  • TheMarc

    @TheMarc: Whoops. I meant “there are” instead of they’re for all you annoying grammar nazis.

  • mykelb

    A twat being a dick.

  • Snapper59

    From what I’ve read he’s lately publicly gotten into physical altercations or been abusive to homosexuals. I guess brass knucks are down the road. With the recent gay bashings in Manhattan itself, how lovely to read he’s modeling down the catwalk. He should be shunned.

  • Cam

    So if he’s straight, but Calvin got a blowjob and paid the guys bills….then sorry, he may not believe in labels but he’s wearing a great big one that says “For Rent” over his ass.

  • JoeOliverAlistair

    The GAY mafia is at it again.
    Leave this kid alone.
    Don’t do Calvin Klein’s dirty work.
    Calvin is no angel…in fact quite the opposite.
    Stop your half truths and innuendo about this guy.
    Go after someone who really has done some damage to the gay community like the total fraud Lady Caca.
    Klein is a leech who chases illegal young impressionable men.
    He’s the epitome of whats wrong with our community.

  • JoeOliverAlistair

    @TheMarc: So you are believing this PR from Calvin Klein to destroy his ex boyfriend hook line and sinker. Calvin is worth billions, let him fight his own battles.

  • JoeOliverAlistair

    @Snapper59: so you believe all this gossip put out by Calvin Klein and his minions..your’e pathetic.

  • Snapper59

    @JoeOliverAlistair: Honey, he’s back with Calvin Klein. Maybe you need to read a gossip column.

  • stanhope

    Let’s correct the record. Calvin is a BOTTOM! Always was and always will be. Nick is straight? Yeah right. I agree with finding this fixation with gay for pay disgusting. There is no reason whatsoever that straight boys need to be paid to be gay…there are plenty of phenomenal card carrying gay guys out here. I give Matt Damon a pass however to play Scott Thorson any time he wants to.

  • Polaro

    You’d think Calvin would have better taste, or at least know when to run from a train wreck – not run back to it. Or did he run back to shut Grubby Gruber up? I don’t know. Any way you look at this it is just tacky for everyone touched by it. I even feel a bit dirty now from just commenting.

  • iMort

    @balehead: Like all sick bitter queens he hates what he wants, DUH!!!

  • iMort

    @JoeOliverAlistair: GAY MAFIA???? I think you done too many drugs miss thing. We queers are just as messed up as everyone else. BUT PLEASE!!!!!!!! OOPS I FORGOT ELTON JOHN IS THE KING PIN!!!

  • iMort

    It has to be true. I saw it on Will and Grace.

  • Cam


    This guy says he is in love with Klein, he did Gay Porn, etc…

    So which part of all this are you trying to say is untrue? Give it a rest, you sound pathetic.

  • nerovenus

    If Calvin Klein wants this boy so bad, it creeps me out and I will NEVER HAVE CALVIN KELIN anywhere near my balls! TIME TO FIND ANOTHER BRAND!

  • Dave

    Yeah, he’s straight. Why is this even news? This guy is a nobody. Calvin Klein is a repulsive human being, this guy is a great match. Him and Calvin should get a divorce. He could marry the A&F CEO, now that’s a real piece of disgusting work.
    Someone needs to tell Calvin Klein that everyone is over the 1992 look. Smooth chests and blond hair and a swimmers body is kind of yesterday’s news these days. It’s tired. This guy is a cheesy gay porn looking B rated model. Moving on?

  • Dev.C

    What a complete delusional tool, if he doesn’t commit suicide he will probably OD on drugs, what a waste of sperm.

  • H8trsneedluv

    Why is everyone so mean here?? WHAT could you possibly REALLY know about him? And why does Musto and Gawker have to be so self-righteous and nasty? Way to perpetuate self-loathing and cyber-bullying — yes just like many so-called “contributors” here, GAWKER and Musto are cyber-bullies :/

  • Polaro

    @nerovenus: Calvin sold the company years ago. You’re balls are safe, thank god.

  • Caliban

    Eh. Whatever. As much as I’ve ever bothered to think about Nick Gruber I think he’s buy-sexual. Does anyone really think that if Calvin Klein (or the other guy, whose name I forget and don’t care to look up) wasn’t wealthy this guy would have given him the time of day?

    He’s attractive, especially now that Klein paid for some orthodonture, but I don’t get why he’s the Helen of Troy of male hustlers. He’s just not that interesting.

  • Polaro

    @H8trsneedluv: While, in general, there are too many negative Nellies on this site, Gruber deserves it. Why people are upset with Musto is, however, a mystery to me.

  • TheMarc

    @JoeOliverAlistair: Yep. I do. It’s pretty obvious and it doesn’t get any better than him verifying it with the words from his own mouth. Save your sympathy for someone that deserves it. Calvin has no reason to ruin him. If anything, the more “socially acceptable” Nick looks and acts, the better for Calvin; even if they’re broken up. And anyway, despite your beliefs about Calvin, Calvin Klein being a bad man does not make Nick a good one.

  • Geoff B

    Gruber has never had sex with men for financial gain? OK. In other news Michele Bachmann just proposed to k.d. lang at a Wizard of Oz sing along.

  • nic_1989

    Queerty please stop running stories on this guy, he is obviously troubled and thrives of the attention that gay men/Gay media gives to him. He disrespects our community and doesn’t seem to understand his own sexuality, through what seems like self loathing.

  • hf2hvit

    @JoeOliverAlistair: When do I get my enrollment papers for the GAY MAFIA? I’d love to put a hit on idiots like you

  • hf2hvit

    When is this guy going to end up a victim of suicide so we can all move on and Calvin can be on to the next fucked-up boy?

  • hf2hvit

    @Geoff B: No…that was MARCUS Bachmann…he thought kd Lang was a dude…

  • DCFarmboi

    @Dave: Every wods you wrote is Gospel truth.

  • B Damion

    Queerty..y’all can’t get enough of this white boy huh? Mr.Gruber I would have respected you just a little bit more if you had just owned up to your messy behaviour. Just tell these bitches

    “Yes! Yes bitch I was with that man for his money and paidddd… my sloppy dues. And what? I am not the first and won’t be that last. Now which one of y’all rich MFers is next”? Next>>>>

    LMAO….yes god honey! I can’t wait for this story to fizzle.

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