Extremist Group In Italy Draws Inspiration From Mussolini In Gay-Marriage Fight

In Italy, the far-right group Forza Nuova has launched an anti-same-sex-marriage campaign that critics say rings of Mussolini’s fascistic tactics.

In August, the LGBT rights group Arcigay was in Ortona in the Abruzzo region gathering signatures for a marriage-equality petition. Forza Nuova (New Force) responded by posting posters, murals and leaflets that read “Italy needs boys and girls, not homosexuals.”

“We think that homosexuality is an illness. And that it is disgusting,” declared Marco Forconi, a spokesman for Forza Nuova, which also advocates for draconian anti-immigration laws. “But our is a reaction against the proposal of gay marriage—not against homosexuality in itself. We are not homophobic, but we think that being gay or lesbian is not normal.”

Not homophobic but think being gay is abnormal. Are we losing something in the translation?

Abruzzo’s local LGBT association, Jonathan, responded in a press release, stating ‘This is like Fascism and it recalls Mussolini’s call for more sons and daughters… We are asking the better Italy to react and to understand that LGBT people’s rights are everyone’s rights.’

 h/t: Gay Star News


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  • Triple S

    Don’t you just love stupid people?

  • tdx3fan

    Notice: This group does not turn to Sky Daddy when mentioning their hatred of homosexuals. Italy (although it houses the Holy Roman Empire) is NOT a very religious country. However, there are still PLENTY of homophobes there. It just goes to show you that ANYONE that thinks that religion is to blame for ALL homophobia is insane.

  • Cam

    So it’s also like the Mormon and Catholic Church here as well as the current GOP anti-gay platform.

  • the other Greg

    Italian men all seem to live at home with mama until they’re 40 or so. Sounds kinda gay to me! (Or at least, like Robert on “Everybody Loves Raymond,” an Italian-American policeman who the family always worried was gay.)

    Consequently the birth rate in Italy is very low nowadays. Sheer lack of privacy to have (hetero) sex! But if they don’t have any plans to re-invade Ethiopia and Libya, does it really matter?

  • SteveMD2

    YOU CAN BET YOUR LAST $$ OR lIRA THAT the german pope is behind this group He grew up in Germany in the 1930s aand 1940s

    He did the unthinkable – UNexcommunciating a holocaust denier in 2009 , Bishop williamson

    the church is all but dead in Europe and dying in south and north america. The sooner it goes to the ashe heap of history the better

    hitler was austrian catholic and in Mein kampf you can see his hate grow.

    Himmler, Eichmann, Goebbels (fox news father?) and dr. Mengele were catholic Germans
    when only 1/3 of germany was cath.

  • FStratford

    But but but… Isn’t the Vatican fascist? Lol

  • hyhybt

    Of course you’re not “losing something in the translation.” Anti-gay people in America say things like that all the time. “I’m not afraid of gay people, I just think you’re [insert nasty adjective here]”

  • Neo

    @Cam: Yup exactly, while the vatican is separate they still wield enormous power, quelling comedians and having people jailed for speaking out against them.

    @tdx3fan: Nobody has ever said that, what a stupid thing to try and point out. I say nobody meaning literally nobody also.

    @hyhybt: Agreed, I’m not racist but “interracial marriage is poisoning america”,”gay marriage causes cancer” etcetera.

  • nwilsontaylor

    Since all of you liberals are for abortion and you homosexuals say that there is a gay gene, what if women choose to get the gay gene test and as a result, abort their homosexual babies? Since you advocate a woman’s right to choose, it would be OK then for her to kill her homosexual baby? It’s a woman’s choice!

  • Dumdum

    @tdx3fan: YES OF COURSE JUST LIKE YOU!!! YOU BLOODY WANKER!I thank the Goddess that I shall never meet you, as I would surely slap you into the last two century’s where you belong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOREVER !!!

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