Exxon Shareholders Vote In Favor Of Job Discrimination

Despite allegations of discriminatory hiring practices, ExxonMobil shareholders have voted down a proposal to have the company institute formal protections for its LGBT employees. Proud of their abysmal rating from the Human Rights Campaign on its Corporate Equality Index, the shareholders voted by a margin of 4 to 1 to allow the company the flexibility to discriminate it wants. This marks the fourteenth year in a row that the issue was on the agenda of the annual shareholder meeting.

Of course, Exxon Mobil says it doesn’t need an explict antidiscrimination policy becuase it would never, ever, ever do any such thing as discriminate and besides it already has policies in place that ban every kind of discrimination. Except that the company does discriminate. It refuses to offer spousal benefits to employees who marry their same-sex partner. All that and oil spills. Sounds like a great place to work.