Eye Will Survive

Benicio Del Toro

One of the first signs of ageing, and a particular problem for many gay men (too many parties,) is tired, puffy eyes. Dark circles, crow’s feet, and the like just aren’t cute and lord knows the only bags you want around on Saturday night are your girlfriends.

The number one problem is puffy eyes. Usually caused by water retention after a long night of drinking and a short night of sleeping, puffiness can be minimized with DDF’s Soothing Eye Gel if you’re a big spender, or, if you’re cheap like us (please, God no) good ole’ Preparation H works wonders. Just be sure to get the cream not the ointment and stash it in another container when traveling, lest your partner think you got the ‘roids.

For dark circles, you need to lay down serious cash for the Hylexin. Sounds scary, we know, but this science-based product actually works (Mom raves about it). Not into paying the 95 bucks? Get a cheap concealer, just be sure to blend, blend, blend.

Of course, you can always just say ‘fuck-it’ and pull on a pair of Mary Kate oversized sunglasses. We won’t tell a soul what’s underneath.

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