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Face It, I Love You Phillip Morris Will Never Be Released in the U.S.

It’s seen three release dates come and go. And now, another hold up for Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor’s I Love You Phillip Morris: Distributor Consolidated Pictures Group, which was finally supposed to put the movie out on July 30, has had the film yanked from its roster by the bankrollers at EuropaCorp.

We’ll let Nikki Finke explain the dollars and nonsense, but suffice to say there’s no plan in place to give the movie a U.S. release date. Foreign audiences like the French and British, however, have so far paid some $8 million to see these actors lip lock.

And screw.

Let’s remember what we’re missing out on here, as recalled by Michael Musto: “The scene is not shocking in the sense that any body parts are actually revealed–both actors are nude, but the way the scene is shot, no pickle is on display. The surprising part is that the ‘bottom’ is this muscle, bearish type, who is on all fours, getting a really hard pounding by Carey. It was mostly the tone and my perception of Carey as an actor, just because I never looked at Carey in a sexual manner and he was so dedicated to giving it to the muscle-bear and the sexual tone was authentic, it caught me off guard. I eventually got over it and I think Carey is convincingly fantastic in the film. But I think most folks are used to seeing Ewan McGregor naked and engaging in man-on-man sex, but Carey, not so much. So more power to him for going there.”

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  • Get Equal R @ Least Doing Something (John from England)

    You Americans!

    But you were the puritans who fleed Europe to be fair….

  • REBELComx

    I’ve seen a bootleg of this movie. It is. FRIGGIN AMAZING. Carrey is incredible and i was really shocked to see how he was able to put in the almost typical Jim Carrey schtick into this film. It’s brilliantly touching, absolutely hillarious and it really sucks you in. It’s horrible that this isn’t actually being released.

  • Frank Amsterdam

    Seen it in Amsterdam, where I live, beginning of April. I enjoyed it very much. But, you – especially the media and the distributors – all miss the point, as I perceive it, as a European.
    How come that someone as intelligent, disciplined and brilliant as mr Carrey’s character, needs to get into criminal behaviour to be successful – and he pulls of quite some tricks – while he could just have been as successful – or even more – when he would have been himself.
    (Read-up on Wikipedia on the character it is based on. The guy had an IQ over 140 and really did pull it all off.)
    It was self-deception because of moral, societal pressure, that lead him not to be himself and have this unfortunate life. Because: he is in jail for life… for real.
    The film is not about the Versace outfits and the cute dogs, cute BF and the sexually explicit scenes, however real and delightful they are. It’s about a real talent lost.
    Pity the USA is not ready to see what it’s really about. Just because it’s camp, does not mean it’s not about real people and real issues.
    (Pardon my English, I am Dutch).

  • fredo777

    i just copped a download of it + called it a day. haven’t watched yet, though.

  • Alexa

    I saw it on a flight recently (apparently uncensored), excellent movie. I hope they come to their senses and it finally gets released here, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • alan brickman

    a cult film definately!!! release it on dvd already!!!

  • alan brickman

    or in Europe..they are not as hung up about gayism….

  • jason

    It’s the homophobic movie studios in Hollywood that are to blame. They are dominated by homophobes. Every single one of them.

    Overall, Hollywood is not a gay-friendly institution. It’s an institution that has traded on heterosexual fantasy since its inception, the casting couch being its raison d’etre.

    Sure, there are tons of gays in Hollywood. But they are generally of the self-loathing type. They are part of the homophobic system and help to maintain it. A gay man in a movie studio is as likely to make a homophobic decision as is his heterosexual male colleague.

    Forget the right-wing, we’ve got a homophobic bunch of goons in the Hollywood movie studios to worry about.

  • jason

    Hollywood came about because dirty old men needed an excuse to bed young female whores. It’s not a gay-friendly set-up. It’s a pimp-whore paradigm, pure and simple.

  • Mike

    Oh, in that case, Ihave to see it this weekend, since it is being played in a cinema near me. (And I’m from Poland).

  • hannah

    So now we have to rely on some bootleg copy from overseas. That is not fair. I don’t want some guy walking in front of the screen in the middle of the movie. oh well. The wait goes on.

  • wannabegay2

    i found it online and saw it. excellent! of course, mostly a jim carrey comedy, but this time it has gays! i wouldn’t reduce it to that, but it’s a carrey-style movie.

    the romance is great, the plot good, acting – very good, great script.

    and about homophobia in hollywood: I live in LA and i could say its one of the most homophobic cities i’ve visited! everywhere you turn. and the fact is that LA is actually a big closet, and everyone can fit in there! and this affects movies and lives everywhere.

  • JoeyB

    I’ll pass.

  • Wade MacMorrighan

    Man, that’s sooo lame! Such a feature could go a long way to normalizing us, given Carey’s standing in films among the Mom and Pop or tween crowds!

  • me

    too funny, i just flew on a british airways plane from london to the states and THIS MOVIE WAS A SELECTION on the video on demand system ..

    i had wanted to see it, so was happy it was there .. it reminds me when BA put brokeback mountain as a selection, and i happily watched jake take it at 39000 feet :)


    “The ‘bottom’ is this muscle, bearish type, who is on all fours, getting a really hard pounding by Carey”

    So I am guessing this isn’t a chick flick…..:-p

  • Hilarious

    What does being “muscle, bearish” have to do with being on the bottom? A thick muscular guy can’t enjoy anal stimulation…what?

    Someone is apparently still into stereotypes.

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)

    So how do we convince the studio to send this right to DVD so we can see it??

  • laurentusa

    You should maybe consider it is not being released, not because of its gay content but because it is a bad movie? Yeah: BAD!

  • Jaroslaw

    Fredo – can you email me? I can’t get my password reset to email YOU on AE. [email protected] thx – it’s obviously related to this post.

  • Jaroslaw

    Fredo – can you email me [email protected] I can’t get my password to work on AE so I can’t email YOU. Thanks

  • Jaroslaw

    #22 Thanks but my computer won’t download fast enough to watch it there. Anyplace to download and burn to DVD?

  • ossurworld

    Let us pray.

  • Anon

    I watched this film last night and have to say it is absolutely fantastic. I did find it very strange watching Carey and McGregor to start with as I’ve never seen them play these types of characters before but they were both outstanding.

    There are torrents of this film available to download from what I know. Maybe you can find it there

  • Morgan

    @Get Equal R @ Least Doing Something (John from England): Well to be really fair, I’d say it’s not the general American population that keeps pushing the release date back. I for one, an American (and not a gay one at that), am dying to see this movie, but I don’t want to watch it bootleg because it is one of the few films I actually want to pay $12 to see, just to show my support.

  • Downlaod Movies

    I download i love you phillip morris and watch ,it’s a fine film not great. It’s did’nt live up to how good I thought it would be but still fairly funny in parts I think the quote “Shawshank Redemption with skinnier trousers” is a good one it sums up the film quite well. Carrey and McGregor still include acting. Funny Film but quite easy to lose track of the story. Quite touching as well the extremes Stephen Russell will go through in the name of Love

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