Misadventures in Male Plastic Surgery

Face The Music

Celebrity rags are always ragging on famous ladies who get an (alleged) nip and/or a tuck. Well, now we’re giving it to a few of the men.

We’ll start with Thierry Mugler, who has done gone lost his mind.

The former all-star designer, pictured with Jean-Paul Gaultier in 1993, decided to turn himself into this: a creature he calls Manfred. More like man-dread. Ha!

Poor, poor Rupert Everett. We dug up this picture of the then 33-year old actor at Ready To Wear‘s 1994 premiere. Somehow, somewhere along the way, something went horribly awry. It must have been after Rupert played Julia Roberts’ lust bunny in My Best-Friend’s Wedding and palled around with Madonna, but before he became such a grump.

Here’s another tragic case. Lex Baldwin once topped the gay porn industry. Seriously. This guy was all over the place and men were eating it up. Then, by some queer turn of events, Baldwin switched teams, embraced straight sex and proceeded to disfigure his beautiful face.

Like Mugler, Baldwin now goes by a new name: Talon, which actually kind of suits his new look.