Facebook Ads Rejected This Lesbian Kiss – User Error Or Gay Discrimination?

Oh Facebook. First you censor a photo of two men kissing and now you’ve rejected an ad showing two women with their tongues touching. Meanwhile, profile pics of dongs visible through underwear—still totally OK.

The picture in question comes from the Greek film Attenberg (trailer NSFW). And though it’s ridiculously easy to get Facebook to ban any content users find offensive, in this case the image remains on the film’s Facebook profile. Jezebel’s Margaret Hartmann wonders whether the film’s promoters simply posted the image incorrectly, got Facebook to reject it, and is now milking free publicity over the resulting “scandal.” Or is Facebook just continuing its bad habit of banning gay images and then apologizing for the “error” later?

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  • Andrew

    “Upon investigation, we concluded the advertisement does not violate our guidelines and was removed in error. The ad is now running and we apologize for the inconvenience.” — Facebook Communications

  • jason

    I’m sorry but normal people – gay, straight or bi – do not kiss like that. This is just fetishistic tongue touching of the grossest order. I certainly don’t want people who kiss like this connected to the gay rights cause.

  • declanto

    What the gay rights cause really really, I mean really needs is legions of Jasons, marching in lockstep down Penisylvania Avenue demanding that all queers be regimented and identically labeled “approved”/”rejected”

  • Lefty

    It looks like that thing birds do when they regurgitate food for their young’uns.

  • missanthrope


    For christ’s sake it’s a funny photo .Do you ever stop with your weird prudity Jason?

  • jason


    Get used to it. I and my peers represent the new vanguard of the gay community. We are the true keepers of the flame.

    We don’t want sleazy straight guys or their bisexual female enablers involved with the GLBT cause. They can buzz off. We will take our criticism right up to women who align their sexual behavior with the fantasies of perverted straight males.

  • missanthrope


    Well, for your sake I hope you’re an effective vanguard all by youself, the only person I’ve seen here with your retrograde politics and hatred for bisexual women here is you. I can’t imagine that your judgmental rants and misogynistic behavior can relly go over well in a community that has always valued openness, self-expression, and freedom.

  • declanto

    What the gay rights cause really really, I mean really needs is legions of Jasons, marching in lockstep down Pennsylvania Avenue demanding that all queers be regimented and verified as identical, then labeled “approved”/”rejected”.

  • Lorelai

    @jason: You don’t want bisexual females involved in the GLBT cause?….You do know what the ‘B’ stands for right? Or do you think it refers only to bisexual males? Also I’m confused about you’re other comment. Do you think that this image aligns with straight male fantasies? Because I’m pretty sure this isn’t what they are imagining. Despite my dislike of your general prejudice and intolerance, I kind of stand with you here. People do not kiss like this. Perhaps the context of the add would help us to understand the awkwardness.

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