Facebook Apologized to FTM Dominic Scaia For Deleting His Post Op Pic. And Then Deleted It Again

After receiving an apology from Facebook for deleting his bare chest post-op pictures earlier this month, and an invitation from the social network to re-upload the photos for the specific purpose of raising awareness about trans issues, Dominic Scaia yeterday noticed, uh, Facebook had again deleted the same snaps.

Scaia’s chest photo was gone from the Facebook group “Stop Transphobia on Facebook – Un-ban Dominic Scaia” as well as his personal profile. Then the message arrived from Facebook saying the picture violated Facebook’s Terms of Service — which it had just got done acknowledging need updating. Says Scaia: “Are you kidding me? We just went through this whole thing, and I thought it was over. I thought this wasn’t going to happen again and obviously it’s because someone reported the photo.”

Nobody may know you’re a dog, but in the Internet, everybody will one day know Scaia is a proud trans man.