Facebook Groups Wants D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty To Retract PFOX Honor Even Though He Already Has

DC Mayor Adrian Fenty apologized for issuing a Certificate of Appreciation to Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX), calling it “a staff-level error.” But a new Facebook group wants him to formally retract the Certificate, personally take responsibility for issuing it in the first place, and issue a statement condemning PFOX. Oh yeah, or what?

When Fenty’s office spologized for the PFOX award, spokesperson Mafara Hobson said, “We apologize for the error as it runs contrary to the mayor’s vision of a more open and inclusive city. The mayor is proud of his ardent support of the LGBT community.” So the mayor’s office has taken responsibility, called the certificate “an error” and said that PFOX runs contrary to “a more open and inclusive city.” So he’s already met the Facebook group’s three demands; no wonder it only has 258 members.

It’s kinda hard to think Fenty’s anti-‘mo seeing as he signed the city’s historic gay marriage bill into law in a frikkin’ church. And that came after his vocal support for the law, and his demand (with Councilman David Catania) the City Council deliver it to his desk. If that advocacy doesn’t fly in the face of PFOX’s anti-gay aims, what would?

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  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Some people just aren’t happy unless they are irate over something someone else did that even hints at a slight. And here, in this case, once the mistake was shown, there were no excuses, there was an immediate apology. For fuck’s sake, I do not see why anyone cannot accept that apology on its face.

    Irrespective of other agendas and the social/political/fiscal conditions and issues facing DC, Mayor Fenty is an unabashed supporter and true friend of the LGBT community. He too fostered marriage-equality for DC’s gay community and is a hero in the face of the bigotry that fought to suppress equal rights for all.

  • Cam

    This is a set up by supporters of his primary opponents. The gay community in DC actually has a lot of clout in elections and he is trying to fool the ones that don’t know the mayor already took care of this. They’re also trying to get the guy who pushed for and signed the marriage amendment disinvited from PRIDE. It’s insane.

  • Jaroslaw

    I’m missing something. Why can’t he issue a certificate of appreciation to PFOX?

  • Cam

    No. 3 · Jaroslaw
    I’m missing something. Why can’t he issue a certificate of appreciation to PFOX?

    It’s an ex gay group that advocates gays conversion.

  • Jaroslaw

    OOPS – I read too fast. I missed the “EX”


  • SmellTheCrazy

    The Facebook page was set up by Lane Hudson, who is active in supporting Fenty’s opponent, Council Chair Vince Gray.

    If Lane Hudson does for Vince Gray what he did for Adam Clampitt (disastrous Council campaign of late, Lane’s first and to date only gig where he got his hands dirty in real politics, and actually was tasked with running something other than his mouth), I don’t think Fenty has much to worry about.

  • CertainPOV

    Sounds like the Facebook groups have taken a page out of the Queerty playbook!

  • ossurworld

    maybe Fenty is an ex-gay….

  • Nicholas

    But nowhere does it say he retracted it, just apologized that it was issued by a staff member. Just saying. Unless I’m wrong please correct me.

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