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Facebook Is Deleting Homosexuals

Recent curious deletions from Facebook: Author Frank Anthony Polito’s fan page for his critically acclaimed book Band Fags! (“You created a Page that has violated our Terms of Use”), and photographer and NOH8 Campaign co-creator Adam Bouska’s personal profile page, which went offline for more than a day, but has since been reinstated. Decent explanations for either disappearance haven’t been provided.

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  • Christo

    The Band Fags one was probably deleted due to the word Fag. Probably just a computer sweep for blacklisted words.

  • fredo777

    on a completely shallow note, that dude is so pretty.

  • Paschal

    One of the founders of Facebook is gay so I doubt anything bad was intended.

  • RS

    The Facebook page for a friend of mine disappeared for a few hours this morning. It was weird — he was no longer tagged in the photos of him that I posted, and while his boyfriend’s page said he was in a relationship, but didn’t say with whom. It was as if I was blocked. And then all of a sudden it was back.

  • Whoddafunk?

    Regardless of the explanation, the point of this Queerty post, and the point I want to know more about, is that Facebook did not offer a decent (or any?) explanation.

    And considering Facebook’s resources… (Facebook is not a public American middle school or anything American thing relying on public finances, people…)

    So yeah.

  • lesbian kissing fan

    I have to go with the blacklisted keyword sweep theory…they get pretty messed up sometimes.

  • gomez

    queerty, enough with the dramatics. that goes for you too, adam bouska, with your nonsensical duct tape photo campaign

  • B

    No. 7 · lesbian kissing fan wrote, “I have to go with the blacklisted keyword sweep theory…they get pretty messed up sometimes.”

    There was a funny one about some homophobic web rag that would print some AP articles. They had a policy of changing the word “gay” to “homosexual”. Then when a story about an athlete whose last name was “Gay” showed up, the inevitable happened.

  • ossurworld

    Facebook never deletes anyone completely. There is profit in keeping information in archival storage for later use. They used to call it blackmail, now it’s called social networking.

  • Stephen Patterson

    You are complaining about “Band fags” being kicked off?
    Are you kidding me?
    What about the band of lesbians called “splooge”?
    Or another band called the burning nig*ers? is that offensive?
    Come on……Nobody kicked them off for being gay…..constance mcmillen is still online…..look at your name moron.

  • Geo Vaughn

    shouldn’t we be happy that facebook deletes people that refer to gay men as “fags”?

    Gay or not, the word is inappropriate.

  • NPG

    this has been happening alot. its nothing to worry over. and all profiles come back.

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