Facebook Prankster Out-Trolls All The Homophobes Who Just Can’t Handle Rainbow Doritos

When popular chipmaker Frito-Lay announced last week that it teamed up with the It Gets Better Project to launch a limited-edition rainbow version of its Cool Ranch-flavored Doritos (just what the world needs), we could almost hear the antigay ignorance spew out before it even happened.

And like clockwork, the bigots came out in droves. How could an American corporation take a stand against LGBTQ youth suicide?!

Many disgruntled fried tortilla snackers also took to the Doritos Facebook page to vent their outrage, where they may have encountered the handiwork of Mike Melgaard.

Mike set up a dummy account named “Doritos ForHelp” with an official-looking chip photo to troll the trolls.


Many of the angry commenters fell for the ruse, but then, are you that surprised?


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H/t: AV Club