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Facebook Tussles With Bearbook, Bears Lose

Why is Bearbook changing its name? Well, you’ll have to ask Mark Zuckerberg. His army of winged lawyers has bullied the burly boys into the name change, as they’ve done in the past to Teachbook and Placebook and Lamebook.

So as of this week, say hello to the new Bruizr! “While Bearbook does have strong opinions on the matter, they don’t have the funds required to put up any legal defense,” the company writes. Oh, strong opinions, but no resources to defend them? Well, they’ll fit right in on the Internet.

It’s a shame that Facebook’s getting away with this, but understandable: it’s hard to pay high-powered attorneys when you spent half the year hibernating in a cave.

Facebook won’t comment on their future litigation, but we expect them eventually to trademark all actual books, followed by everyone’s face.

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  • TMikel

    Revolting. Time to give up my Face—- account!

  • Epi

    thanks for letting me know about this site

  • Jon

    Bruizr charges for membership. Perhaps they should re-think that if they want to grow. I would like to join the site, but they don’t even have a sample or free trial. How do I know I want to spend my money on this?

  • Andy

    So I shouldn’t develop

  • Scott Bailey


    @QUEERTY! Man thank you so much for the article. I didn’t see this coming! Bless you!


    We don’t have a free trial cuz it’s only $5 to join FOR A YEAR! And we would rather refund your money if you’re not happy with it. Like it says on the front page (where you’ll also find a tour)! After we get established, have developed the site to it’s potential and are charging more for membership, then we’ll add a 30-day trial offer.

    Go for it mate, with a money back guarantee, you don’t have anything to lose.

    Thanks again Matt!

    PS- can you fix the TAG to read BRUIZR? heh!

  • David

    Don’t join. Bruizr nee Bearbook doesn’t need people like you.

    One of the nice things about Bruizr is that one can share X-rated photos without being censored.

  • lilbearmi

    I’ve been with Bruizr since before it went public, and have loved every minute! Scott and the bears have done a fantastic job of making sure all who join have a great experience online! And think about the cost, you probably spend that daily on a cup of coffee! If you are going to invest five bucks in Seattle, why not invest it in something you dont pee away? :-)

  • Riker

    Like it or not, the case is open-and-shut trademark infringement. Burger King wouldn’t tolerate a rival fast food chain naming themselves Burger Queen, so why should Facebook have to put up with a rival social networking website called Bearbook?

  • Mike in Asheville


    I have wondered whether you really know what you are talking about in your vlogs on Prop. 8 and Marriage-equality.

    If you are so limited in understanding the principles of patent/trademark/copyright laws, enacted to protect the interests of the creators/authors of intellectual property rights from third party piracy, then how can I/others trust your analysis of the legal issues of Prop. 8/Marriage-equity?

    As a side note, Matt, before being appointed to the federal court, Judge Vaughn Walker represented the United State Olympic Committee in its actions against the use of the word “Olympics” associated with the then “Gay Olympics” (and against EVERY other use of the word “Olympics”). As a result of Walker’s successful prosecution of the USOC’s trademarks, we now have “Gay Games.”

    Good thing Judge Walker does know about civil rights and equal protection laws as well as he knows trademark law.

  • Scott Bailey


    By the way, we making a commemorative limited edition tee shirt based on the art from Bob Kusiak’s comic strip at (Thanks Bob!)

    it says “I WAS THERE WHEN IT HAPPENED” on the back!

    Check out the design and get one for yourself at

    Proceeds help pay for, well, probably our attorney’s Mercedes Benz.

  • jason

    Mark Zuckerberg is a piece of shit. He’s Yuckerberg to me.

  • jason

    Yuckerberg doesn’t own the word “book”. In fact, it’s a word that’s been in the dictionary for centuries. Yuckerberg can take his Faceshit and shove it.

  • Riker

    @jason: He does, however, own the rights to use of the word “book” as the name of a business in the social networking industry. That’s the law, plain and simple. Use of a name similar to another company in the hopes that users will draw the obvious parallel is illegal.

  • Joe

    Why don’t they sue “Redbook Magazine”? Oh, because Redbook goes way back long before the Internet was popular. Maybe Redbook should sue Facebook! After all people might confuse one for the other and it could dilute Redbook’s brand. Maybe I should send a letter to Redbook’s editors and ask them what they think.

  • Ren

    What’s most unfortunate is that Scott Bailey, one of the owners of Bruizr, is no different from Greg at Bear 411. Scott Bailey helped create bearbook/bruizr specifically because he didn’t like the alleged censorship of Bear 411 (as well as other vices he says Greg at B411 engages in), but Scott Bailey has censored chat streams left and right, and actively alienates members from bruizr. His attitude is one of bully administrator, something pointed out to him on his own site by more than a few members (although that’s really all he has—–a few members.). While there is a need for a good bear website, Scott Bailey’s ‘bruizr’ ain’t it. I’d be surprised if it’s around by year’s end, which will actually be unfortunate. Maybe someone other than Scott Bailey can be the grown-up necessary to helm the ship. I sure hope so.

  • Yepper

    Honestly, getting shut down couldn’t happen to a more deserving site. Bruizr, is lame and the moderator is a uber-dick (and not in the good way). He wanted (after getting kicked off bear411 numerous times for violating their rules) to create a site where he could play God. He couldn’t care less about creating a bear community site. He is seeking a platform where he can reign.

    Honestly, every subscriber only seeks to feed the easily inflated ego of a very small, nasty and bitter man… If you have a subscription: cancel it. If you are thinking of joining: don’t.

  • Scott Bailey

    I realize I am not supposed to engage dialog like this. After all, every time I do I get into more trouble. But I can’t sit back and allow crap like this to exist on the internet and NOT say anything in self-defense.

    The last two post here are filled with crap and lies.

    Bear411’s message forum is specifically designed to trap and delete messages that contain words that Greg has deemed inappropriate. The site is BUILT to censor you. So it’s BUILT to impose limitation on social networking. Period.

    Any suggestion that Bruizr is similar is moronic. And using the word moronic will ruffle someone’s feathers to the degree that they will write more nasty lies about me. Period.

    As for Greg’s other vices? I have NO IDEA what REN is talking about. And here we are almost a year later. Bear Central is closing. Big Bear Den (by Manhunt) has come and gone. And we’re still here. Just because you’re NOT here, doesn’t mean we’re not. See the really sad thing about misdirecting so much hate onto a scapegoat is that you end up having to live with your hate. Grow up. try putting yourself in other’s people shoes. And even if you might have done a better job, remind yourself that you didn’t. Someone else DID! And give them a break. Give me a break. Please.

    And wow… #17 – Yepper – Just WOW! – hopefully people who read this understand that YOU are the small, sad and bitter man… By the way, I did not get kicked off of Bear411 for violating their rules. You are ill informed.

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