throwing the book

Facebook Tussles With Bearbook, Bears Lose

Why is Bearbook changing its name? Well, you’ll have to ask Mark Zuckerberg. His army of winged lawyers has bullied the burly boys into the name change, as they’ve done in the past to Teachbook and Placebook and Lamebook.

So as of this week, say hello to the new Bruizr! “While Bearbook does have strong opinions on the matter, they don’t have the funds required to put up any legal defense,” the company writes. Oh, strong opinions, but no resources to defend them? Well, they’ll fit right in on the Internet.

It’s a shame that Facebook’s getting away with this, but understandable: it’s hard to pay high-powered attorneys when you spent half the year hibernating in a cave.

Facebook won’t comment on their future litigation, but we expect them eventually to trademark all actual books, followed by everyone’s face.