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Fact: No one knows how to drop the mic better than Brian Sims

No one knows how to drop the mic better than openly gay Pennsylvania State Rep. and candidate for Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Brian Sims–even when that mic gets cut off. 

Earlier this month, the outspoken LGBTQ activist and crop top aficionado unleashed on Republicans when he spoke out against House Bill 118, otherwise known as the Unborn Child Dignity Act. The controversial bill, as some lawmakers have described, would make women either bury or cremate miscarried fetuses. 

“This is just another act in a political theater that has plagued this chamber for far too long,” Sims said. “We are a legislature that has met more to remove mask mandates, strip executive emergency powers, and overturn free and fair elections than we have to make strategic investments in Pennsylvania’s women, children, and families.”

Sims drove the dagger in further when he blasted the lack of diversity within the chamber. The bill, he said, was just another line item in “a grossly, predictably misogynistic agenda–an agenda pursued by a party that is 100% white, in a chamber that is 70% male.”

House Majority Leader Bryan Cutler, a Republican, then cut Sims’ microphone. “That’s enough,” he said amid booing from other GOP lawmakers.

Not that that stopped Sims one bit.

“Your boos mean nothing to me,” he said. “I’ve seen what you cheer for.”

(Can we get a “Hell, yeah?!?!”)

Of course, this isn’t the first time Sims has made headlines. In 2012, he was elected Pennsylvania’s first openly gay state lawmaker. In the years since, he’s been a fierce advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, women’s rights, the environment, and more.

He’s also used his platform to talk about PrEP, and the stigma surrounding its use.

“I’ve grown somewhat used to people making assumptions about my relationships and knew that if I was public about it, I might be able to help combat the stigma where that shaming comes from,” Sims told Plus Magazine of his PrEP use in April 2019.

“I have a platform and a voice that allow me, perhaps demand me, to speak up about issues that others may be ashamed or embarrassed of. This seemed like an obvious example of a time and a place where I should use that platform and voice.”

No matter what he’s talking about, Sims is proof that not all heroes need to wear capes. Sometimes a mic is all you need.

Watch Brian’s interview with LGBTQNation’s Juwan J. Holmes from the Pride50 webcast below.

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