Fading NFL Star Raheem Brock Refuses To Share Locker Room Showers With Gay Men

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 7.21.17 PMAfter ten years as a professional football player in the NFL, former Super Bowl champion Raheem Brock’s career has come to this: Standing on a New York City sidewalk, talking about gay men taking showers. Career height right here, folks!

TMZ found the fading star overcome with laughter this week, speaking on the hotly debated subject of locker room politics once the NFL receives its first openly gay player. Brock explains that “guys won’t go in the shower if they know a guy’s gay in there. They [sic] gonna feel uncomfortable.”

The currently unemployed barrel o’ laughs went on to claim “I wouldn’t [go in the shower]” and “I would stay at my locker and chill until he’s done getting out of the shower.” Brock says a number of current NFL stars would agree with him “regardless of whether it’s politically correct.”

The issue may become reality as soon as next season, now that NFL hopeful Michael Sam has come out of the closet. Too bad he won’t get to shower with wonderful dine-and-ditchers like Raheem Brock 🙁