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FAIL: The White House’s Deal To Continue Firing Gay Soldiers To Secure Repeal Votes. So Now What?

While the Log Cabin Republicans blame Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for yesterday’s DADT fail, here’s a novel thought: blame Republicans.

Led by Sen. John McCain, the Republicans successfully managed to block the Pentagon’s entire spending bill, all because Democrats were trying to push it through with a compromised DADT repeal — something that still required the defense secretary to sign off on the policy’s end. What Republicans didn’t mention is that they regularly — year after year — attach amendments to the Defense Department’s bill not related to national security.

But, what’s this? Vice President Joe Biden is aware of a “compromise” of his own, one that had lawmakers supporting the legislative repeal of DADT only if the White House kept kicking out gay soldiers? Yes — and we’ve known this since at least last week, when Biden told Maddow exactly that. Except that compromise didn’t work. The votes weren’t there.

So surely the White House will see that strategy failed, and Obama will issue an executive order blocking further discharges. Right?

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