Failed Homophobic Reality Star Jason Benham Compares Himself to Mel Gibson, Says Christians Must Be Willing To Die To Stop Gays

benham-brothers-hgtv-580“We just remember June the 6th, 1944,” Jason Benham bravely said at Faith & Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority 2014” conference in Washington, D.C. “We know what happened at D-Day. We know what happened on Omaha and Utah beach. There’s something about those men that our dad taught us when we were kids, and he said: ‘Boys, don’t you ever run from bullets. You run toward the bullets.’”

No, Beham wasn’t talking about his love of country on the eve of July 4th. Nor was he talking about the recent Supreme Court ruling that grants personhood to corporations by allowing them discriminate against employees based on religious beliefs. He was talking about HGTV canceling his planned reality show Flip It Forward after he and his twin brother compared same-sex marriage to Nazi Germany and took part in antigay rallies.

“There are cultural bullets flying, all over today, especially religious liberty, and what’s happening right now is many spiritual leaders, elected leaders, they are running from bullets,” Benham continued from the podium. “But there’s a remnant of people that are ready to stand and say ‘I’m not running from these bullets any more! I’m going to take this beach!’”

But it gets better/worse. Benham then went on to compare the brothers’ plight to the film Braveheart starring the ever-charming anti-semitic alcoholic and fellow homophobe Mel Gibson.

“Just like in the movie Braveheart, when all the Scottish Army was standing there, and they all had their gear on, and they were lined up and they were unified, and they were ready to fight but not a single one of them wanted to fight,” he said. “And then as William Wallace and a few men rode in on horses with blue face paint on. They were ready to pick a fight, and what I see before me right now are a bunch of people with some blue face paint on – so let’s go get it!”

But here’s the real kicker. After giving his impassioned speech, Benham told The Christian Post that all Christians must be willing to die in order to stop the gays.

“Freedom isn’t the ability to do get what you want, it’s the willingness to let go of what you have,” he said. “When you are willing to release that back to God, what God has so graciously given to you, and you give it back to Him, then you have been set free. And on the foundation of freedom, you can be as bold as a lion.”

A lion? Wow!

He continued: “We have to be willing to let go of what we have, whether it’s a job, an elected position, a big ‘ole church, whatever it may be. We have to be willing to let it go, and when that happens, then absolutely we’re back on the right track in America.”

Let it go. Sounds like the person who might benefit most from this advice is Benham himself.

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  • DarkZephyr

    Canning this show before it even began was CLEARLY te best move HGTV could have ever made. These guys are nuts. Wow they want to be able to discriminate against gay people BADLY. It’s just THAT important to them to treat us like subhumans. Amazing.

  • Cam

    So any guesses as to how long it will be before this guy is photographed making out with another guy.

  • rand503

    These are all the usual tropes held by the far right religious nut wings. Mel Gibson is held up as the paragon of Christianity because of his private life and because of his Scottish movie. You’d be surprised how often that movie is referenced by all these so-called Christians as being the paragon of what freedom is all about. The fact that the movie is totally a historical isn’t the point, of course, rather the point is that freedom is all about having the freedom to do everything that God tells you to do. Freedom is all about standing up for God and religion against anyone else

    Yes, it’s a warped notion of what freedom is , but these guys also believe it. To these people they are truly fighting a holy war, and anything that they suffer here on earth will be doubly rewarded up in heaven.

    Notice the strange logic he uses. Freedom comes from God and you get to use it. But give up your freedom and somehow that makes you even more free. So by being a slave to everything that God wants you to do, which is somehow derived by reading the Bible which of course makes no sense and has contradictory issues, you will become a true son of God. And that to them is much more important than having any actual freedom

  • Nikkidane

    People like this two brainwashed bigots are frightening. A mix of All American good looks and Nazi-like religious views is very dangerous. When they start referencing going to war, I really get worried. Killing in the name of God seems completely justified using their logic. I wish someone would Baker Act them and deprogram them. They are dangerous.

  • Gothrykke

    As always, the wise George Carlin had the answer to this:

    “Light yourself on fire! Let’s see a little smoke to match the fire in your belly.”

  • James Hart

    Although I disagree with these guys, I don’t believe HGTV should have cancelled their program because they hold the views they do. No different than a devout Christian wanting to fire an employee for espousing gay rights. Everyone should be permitted freedom of conscience and freedom of speech, regardless of their values. It’s the American way.

  • James Hart

    “Notice the strange logic he uses. Freedom comes from God and you get to use it. But give up your freedom and somehow that makes you even more free. So by being a slave to everything that God wants you to do, which is somehow derived by reading the Bible which of course makes no sense and has contradictory issues, you will become a true son of God. And that to them is much more important than having any actual freedom.”

    Funny you should say this. This is precisely what Pope Francis (who appears to be a hero of Queerty) said recently: God gave you free will so that you would freely choose to follow God’s laws.

  • passingthru

    @James Hart: Hmmm, then why is it that you can be fired in 29 states if you tell people that you are gay? Your “American Way” ideal is a nice concept but it certainly isn’t realistic. Often times it is more realistic if your “freedom” happens to fall within what the majority believes.

  • planey221

    May I recommend he be the first to die to stop us…

  • Desert Boy

    Those two are cretins. And, for the record, I don’t find them the least bit “hawt”.

  • noemiohare

    i’m ACTUALLY betting him and his SCUMBAG bro will be OUTED soon enough

    actually @desert boy i find creeps like this uterly repunant

  • aregtim

    Aberrant behavior breeds aberrant behavior.
    Sadly morons like these are inbred.

  • Wayne_in_NYC

    @James Hart: You’re a MORON if you think that’s the “American Way”! Freedom of Speech STOPS when your beliefs or what you are saying is injurious or damaging to someone else and tramples on THEIR Freedoms! You have the right to yell “FIRE” in a crowded movie theater, but if you do, there will be dire consequences. The consequences of him spouting off his uber-religious viewpoints is that he lost his soapbox (TV show), and rightfully so. Maybe he can go down and start a redneck church together with the wise sages from Duck Dynasty. Together, they can get their “Deliverance” on! “Squeal like a pig!”

    WE are FINALLY getting our rights, slowly but surely, and we don’t need some namby-pamby guy like you backing down and letting them say whatever they feel like saying and trampling all over those rights, spreading their vitriol to incite others to join them against us.

  • DB75

    @Wayne_in_NYC: People are allowed to be dicks. No matter how angry you or I get about it, that is their right – to be jerks, to hate, the preach their hatred, etc… What we can do is to teach the younger generations and work to have your life as an example. Our words mean little to some people – it is our actions that they will see.

    No need to attack one another. While you may not agree with James, he is certainly entitled to his opinion and viewpoint. All sides have validity. We shouldn’t discount someone just because we think they are wrong.

  • lykeitiz

    At what point is it considered Hate Speech and worthy of an investigation?

  • TomMc

    If Luther’s foreseen this, he’d only have nailed 94 theses to the door. I’m embarassed to have had come from a Protestant background; ‘Sola scriptura’ my ass!

  • Atomicrob

    Someone’s a bit too focused in on gays for this to be rational. Perhaps he’s gay and can’t deal with it . . .

  • tomtomz

    I have 2 lines of thinking… I am not supportive of the gays that want to act all wild and crazy, doing things that should not be done in public, behind closed doors or in a private setting, knock yourself out… otherwise it makes it harder for gays to get a good foot hold in communities that are largely straighter.

    #2, I am a Bible breathing Christian, been one all my life, I am pleased at the evolution of the civil rights related changes for gays, unfortunately I am still be asked to leave churches that I am comfortable with, when they find out that I am gay.
    The changes in the laws are jamming gaydom down every ones throats…. if these same people would just carefully read what the bible says about sexual conduct, you won’t find much…. there is one verse that says that a man shall not lay with a man the way he lays with a woman(that kind of infers m2m sex)… it’s anatomically impossible to do that; the bulk of the references deal with men and women defiling themselves sexually to idols (idols today have a much broader definition). If you read closely there are many references that appear to be sanctioning or glazing over m2m sex in the battle field, or as slaves/servants or part of a harem.
    God loves us and made us in His image. Sex is the greatest thing God has given us to have with another, it is probably the closest thing we can have next to being in heaven itself, God does support monogamy, but, then you have to revisit the harems of old. Unfortunately men in positions of power want to controls others… from kings/rulers to the variations of priests and their dogma.

    So please give it a rest.

  • Mezaien

    yes Christian should be ready to die! they all should be killed anyway. How many time I have to say that! CHRISTIANITY IS A MENTAL ILLNESS.

  • DB75

    @Mezaien: So you advocate killing people you don’t like? Interesting. What makes you any better than these two men? The answer is – absolutely nothing.

    It is easy to attack those you do not like. Anyone can do that. It takes a strong person to rise above it.

  • wpewen

    What a riot. I’m 56 yrs old, from a family of three boys, and I’m gay. My Dad actually was in WWII Navy. This is endemic of our era of “reality” TV. Sure, my father was homophobic as hell, but he was a product of his times. He was also a liberal Democrat. Seriously doubt he would be yammering about pansies now.
    These men are concocted product who probably wouldn’t know a destroyer from their own ass.

  • unreligious

    @tomtomz: The fact that you choose believe in Christianity and your bible is your right. You do not have the right to tell others to give it a rest and follow the dictates of your bible. Many of us are tired of having Christianity (especially of the homophobic variety) forced on us. The people you claim are making it harder for gays, are the ones who kicked down the doors, allowing progress to be made in the area of gay rights.

  • wpewen

    And really, for those of you writing in apologizing for “Christian” churches disliking you for being gay, dont. Anyone who messes with your head over a healthy drive for other men is projecting THEIR problems on you. Love yourself
    for being a man first, and also a man who needs another man sexually. It’s now O.K. and you are no less masculine for it.

  • fagmango

    Sounds like some serious sour grapes. Blame the gays for them losing their show. Not one person is saying they don’t have their right to their opinion. They are just getting backlash for their bigoted attitudes. And good for them if they are willing to die for it. I’m on the side of the bullet.

  • dannyboi2

    I don’t get it they kinda fit (look) the gay stereotype if you ask me. Them that deny the loudest usually are closeted and dangerous. I wouldn’t give them anymore press if I was Queerty. They have that redneck, Bible thumping right wing crap mentality and it’s sounds to me like they want to stir up crap with whomever will listen. Stay clear let them stew in there own venom.

  • revjshoregoss

    I have said it befoer and I will say it again. Christianity means you are a folower of Christ a man who went out of his way to dine with, party with and live with the outcast, th people on the margins of society. He preached love and community….If you are espousing hatred….I AM NOT THAT KIND OF CHRISTIAN!!!

    Come to a place where no matter who you are, where you are on life’s journey you are welcome. Welcome with open and loving arms…We are the United Church of Christ/ Metropolitan community church, North Hollywood CA. Come and experience Gods extravagant welcome…lets just leave the hate behind!

  • Ridpathos

    I don’t see how that quote denotes saying that Christians should die to stop gays…

  • wpewen

    I don’t know if they fit any stereotype other than they look like they like sex
    They’re probably like a lot of males, straight and gay-can’t stop thinking about it, talking about it.
    Hi, I myself am a Taurus. I’m always ready…

  • Bellamy

    I have no idea what form of Christianity this man subscribe to, but it most certainly isn’t BIBLICAL Christianity. I don’t know what beach he wants to storm and what bullets he wants to take, but JESUS said “MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD.” I have no idea why he thinks its his job to force a theocracy on the world. Jesus told His disciples to preach the Gospel and TO LIVE PEACEABLY WITH ALL MEN and not to raise their voices in a ruckus in the streets like dogs as those in false religions do but to be GENTLE AS LAMBS. Jesus NEVER told His disciples to force their opinions on other people. Jesus even told His disciples that if they go somewhere and the people refuse to hear them, then wipe the dust off their feet AND MOVE ON. He never told anyone to harass people or to force the government to pass laws against people they disagree with! What Jason Benham has done is declare himself to be a renegade theocratic and social terrorist who DOES NOT speak or act for the biblical Christian Faith. This man does not know Christ Jesus.
    -Rev. Jim Cunningham
    King James Bible Ministries International

  • Bellamy

    Bravo and well spoken! Christ Jesus is not the Lord of the riotous but of the righteous. He is not the Lord of Pharisees but of the Faithful. Jason Benham is utterly devoid of mercy and he has utterly failed the 1st commandment: Love God, AND YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOUR SELF.

  • Bellamy

    Wow, talk about stereotyping. There are millions of devout gay and lesbian Christians who have not turned against God, like you have, just because of the stupid things people say. It’s too bad that you are utterly ignorant of all the Christians out there fighting for your gay rights. You are no better than Jason Behman, and you are just as much a threat.

  • Bellamy

    Gibson is Catholic, not Christian.
    I’M a “Bible-thumping Fundamentalist Christian” – and I’m 100% pro-gay, because THE BIBLE is 100% pro-gay.
    -Rev. Jim Cunningham
    King James Bible Ministries

  • jmmartin

    @Cam: Unfortunately, Cam, not all homophobes are closet cases. Or if they are closeted, they might be trying to “pass” just as did “high yellow” African-Americans in depictions of that phenomenon such as Douglas Sirk’s brilliant movie, “Imitation of Life.” Watching it today one can see parallels between the struggles of blacks to obtain their civil rights and lgbtq people; the tide turned when African-American representatives went on record as saying marriage equality was a human right. Sometimes, the homophobe is itching to get gay, as in “The Sword of Constantine,” where Ted Haggard, wearing his best shit-eating grin as he says his megachurch is against homosexuality. The hiding homosexual syndrome will be a thing of the past if we defeat the theocrats trying to take over this country in the name of Jesus. But there are, too, well-adjusted heterosexuals who are just that.

  • tomtomz

    Again Thank You….

    The Bible if read and not taken out of context or translated incorrectly will set you free, mans doctrines will continue to enslave and cheapen the act of sex and many other things….

  • tomtomz

    The most homophobic men I have ever met are closeted gays, that are usually messing in secret somewhere…..

  • masc4masc

    @Bellamy: Don’t bother reasoning. They pretty much blame all their problems on Christianity and/or republicans. Keeps them from ever having to deal with the man in the mirror.

  • wpewen

    What the fuck are you guys talking about? Republicans generally are shit. Christian churches vary depending on the denomination. At 56 yrs old, I can’t believe that young gay guys are even worrying anymore about institutions that may treat you badly.

    • jmmartin

      @wpewen: I’m older than that and refuse to allow my fluid sexuality to be categorized into one of the four or five letters, though the addition of the final “q” fits me. wpewen, you’re certainly aware that many if not most of those belonging to the sexual minorities are believers, and many of them go to church. I went to a few Metropolitan Community Church services and was shocked to find that they are essentially fundamentalist/evangelical with feel good services along the lines of the prosperity gospel. Being a non-believer, it simply amazes me that any lbgtq person would follow Christianity. That religion has no place for people who are “different.” The words, “gay Christian,” should be seen as highly oxymoronic.

  • Horse Lips

    How long do we have to wait for these two to get caught in a gay sex scandal? It’s way overdue.

  • enlightenone

    @James Hart: HGTV is a for-PROFIT business! Gay men is a major segment of their demographics. “Firing” them was a practical business decision. Business VALUE MONEY. Perhaps this helps?

  • DickieJohnson

    @Bellamy: “Mezaien” is an offensive *nutcase* who can’t get off his one-liner insanity about killing Christians. Most of his rantings make no sense, but are irritating as hell.

  • Jerry12

    In the first place, Men (Man) invented Gods out of fear of the unknown. Having no knowledge of what they deemed to be “Magic”, like thunder following lightning at different time periods; persons in a coma coming “Back To Life”; An “Eclipts” of the Sun; “Shooing” Stars; Cream turning into “Butter when transported in a barrel on the back of a Camel; etc, etc etc. Look at the wars that have gone on for centuries between tribes who worshiped different “Gods”. Remember when Galileo (sp?) who saw in his telescope that the Earth rotated around the Sun; instead of the Sun rotating around the earth? The Pope at the time told him that he had to stop saying that because the “Church” said that every thing rotates around the Earth. When Galileo said “Look into my telescope and see that what I am saying is true.” The Pope replied “If I do not look, I do not have to believe”. When he was shown the instruments of torture, Galileo stopped saying that the Earth rotated around the Sun. So much for all of the “God” nonsense!

  • Volvoguy

    This is why religion in the world is on the decline.
    You got these kind of crazies running around.they are
    just tiresome to listen to or read about.
    I always though Christianity was about treating people
    fairly and trying to do your best to other people,
    not about killing or chastising gay people, get real asshole
    your on the losing of the stick.

  • litper

    @James Hart: you are well known homophobe, go away to your Hobby Lobby cave!

  • Mezaien

    TO ALL OF YOU NINCOMPOOPS! you are belong to a cult name “Christianity” that murder millions! you are a murderer. Remember the “God” that the Jews killed! and what we did and still do to them!! in the name of that fucking God.

  • transiteer

    Psycho mentality espousing hate and violence – he must have religion and be endowed like Mickey Mouse. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  • JLS

    When are all of these so called Christians going to read the book… you can’t use Jesus as a weapon. Love your enemies, if you are no better than the evil one’s then how shall God tell the difference between you and the evil. Gays are not your enemies, but even if they were your supposed to love them. People that use God for an excuse for hate are going to get a big surprise.

    Even the people that picket abortion clinics are in trouble, they should be giving them tea. You should Keep your head down your mouth shut and mind your own business.

    If you don’t agree with the gays then don’t be one if you don’t want to but you can’t believe in God and hate anyone. Jesus didn’t hate anyone.

    The only time in the bible that I read that Jesus even got mad was when people were using the church as mall,
    which puts new light on playing bingo in church doesn’t it ?

    Love your enemies seems like a simple enough statement.

    All of the hate stuff in the bible came before Jesus after Jesus you have to forgive and love or you won’t get forgiveness and love. It’s so simple why do most Christians feel they have the right to hate ?

    What’s wrong with all you sheeple… can’t you read ?

  • jckfmsincty

    I’m all for Christians dying.

  • scotshot

    I’m surprised that no one here has actually seen them on TV, but they should be on youtube.

    The first time I saw the brothers my gaydar went through the roof, when the brothers interacted it was clear – as did anyone who saw them, that they had to have played hide the sausage with each other. These people are nuts, and their rhetoric has gotten a lot harsher since they were first on TV. It appears they’re playing to the base evangelicals.

    IMO it seems they planned to “come out” after the show was on air. If they’d been on TV they would have gotten more publicity to spread their filth, just like Duck Dynasty. Maybe they can go on the road with Sarah Palin.

  • Zodinsbrother

    The amusing thing is these people parrot the phrase “religious freedom” in complete ignorance of what it means. What about the “religious freedom” for example of those churches that want to conduct same sex marriages for example.

    What these types really mean is they want the freedom to impose their religion on everybody else.

  • erikwm

    Dear Mr. Benham,

    Most of the actual bullets have been fired in Iraq and Afghanistan during the past decade and a half. Did you run towards those?


    Then stop talking about D-Day. You’ve never ran towards any REAL bullets.

  • gaym50ish

    @James Hart: These two guys are speaking out publicly about their views, so obviously their freedom of speech and freedom of conscience have not been abridged in any way.

    However, freedom of speech does not mean you have the right to have a television show. It doesn’t mean you have a right to offend your boss’s customers (the viewers, in this case) and still keep your job.

  • Stefano

    I decided that the sun turns around the earth. That’s my opinion and nobody have the right to tell me that i am wrong. LOL

  • Stefano

    I decided that all Black people are evil and must be put to death. That’s my belief and you have to respect that.

  • KiraNerysRules

    @ridpathos I don’t see where they stated Christians should be willing to die over their beliefs on homosexuality either. I think a few words were put in their mouths. They are still absolutely terrible people, though.

  • Maude

    I am reminded of a quote from the movie, ‘The Poseidon Adventure’.

    When a priest played by Gene Hackman is asked a question about homosexuality he replies:

    paraphrased: “The entire world, to one degree, or another, is in turmoil, do you really believe, God gives a damn what we men do with our dicks?!!”

  • Jim Guinnessey

    Another crackpot using religion to promote himself. No doubt the professional and well paid gaybashers and hate mongers will use this guy as their newest poster boy since Tim Tebow seems to have fallen off the planet. And a word of caution, J. Benham, comparing yourself to Mel Gibson won’t get you a free candy bar.

  • GymJockTX

    More judgment, hatred and bullshit in the name of Jesus. Methinks the Son Of God isn’t too thrilled with what neuron-challenged hillbillies like the Benham blowhard–and others from their hateful posse all over the U.S. (His other “followers”–are up to down here.

    There’s nothing quite so ugly and damaging as “Christian” hatred. Onward through the fog.

  • drivendervish

    I have grown to hate these guys over the last few months. Not because they are straight or believe in an imaginary deity but just because they are so damn stupid. The only reason they wanted a show so bad was to have a platform from which to spew their twisted vision of Christianity and I am sure HGTV is pretty happy they didn’t waste another minute on these guys. I haven’t read the fantasy storybook they live by because I can’t imagine it’s as good as Game of Thrones, but I doubt Jesus walked around telling people to give their lives in support of hatred of gays. The comment about running towards bullets is just hilarious and I sure wish this guy would start doing it because I am pretty sure we can find some gun nut spewing similar twisted BS about his right to own a gun willing to provide the bullets this guy so richly deserves. Personally, I don’t think these guys deserved 15 minutes of fame and now they have gone way into overtime.

  • GymJockTX

    @drivendervish: Beautifully put on all counts, especially the surreal idiocy of running towards bullets. I concur. Thanks for sharing.

  • tomtomz

    I am not sure what you point is…. not saying you are wrong, I just have a different view of the progression of gaydom, stemming from the WH, the civil rights movement/changes of the ’60s were too long in coming, where I view what appears to be a small groups in the LGBT community that are creating an obnoxious show now in very public areas, but in quieter locations it has/is creating problems for the average Joe/Jane from job problems(+) to various levels of abuse, from intimidation to rape to murder/suicide.

    I am not certain what has happened to the hosts of many of what was my Saturday morning line-up… but much of that programming seems to be gone. The food Network at this writing is still loaded with gay hosts on their major shows.

    There have been religious zealots that have taken the scriptures and twisted them into something they were never meant to be, mostly to suit their own ends for control as do the governments of the world, as the current tenant of the WH is fulfilling prophecy…. he is God’s man of the hour with his TG wife…. He has a destiny to fulfill, reducing the US into a 3rd world country.

    • scotshot

      @tomtomz: You speak of religious zealots and then go on to eay President Obama is fulfilling a prophecy? Who’s got the meds for tomtomz?

  • Bellamy

    Christianity is not an institution, it is a word to define a person who believes that Jesus Christ is the Lord God Creator of heaven and earth, and that He is the Savior of mankind. Denominations with self-appointed leaders who enforce a set of rules and regulations upon its followers are institutions. Jesus Christ made it abundantly clear that He opposes institutional religion. A man who rejects Jesus just because some institution said that being gay is evil is simply a fool; if that man had investigated Jesus and used his own brain he would have found that Jesus is not homophobic. Anti-gay doctrine is a doctrine of Hitler; I assure you that Hitler and Jesus have nothing in common – and I’m sure that Hitler would tell you that himself if he were able to speak from the pit of hell.

  • Bellamy

    Actually, since the Almighty created your dick and sex, He most certainly does care what you do with it, and He has made it clear what He expects. HOWEVER, regardless of how followers of Hitler’s antigay doctrines try to twist the Bible into making it look like the Almighty is a Nazi, the fact is that, although God has warned against fornication and adultery, the Bible is NOT anti-gay in any way, shape or form. The biblical story of Sodom & Gomorrah had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with homosexuals, and Leviticus 18 & 20 and Romans 1 has NOTHING to do with homosexuality. in facts, Jesus Christ spoke of homosexuals THREE TIMES – and in all three instances it was in the positive.
    -Rev. Jim Cunningham
    King James Bible Ministries International

  • Bellamy

    TomTomz – you think that Michelle Obama is transgender? Huh; I wonder how she gave birth to two children. That’s quite a miracle.

  • tomtomz

    The kids are adopted…. all the records on the current WH tenants are sealed

  • courthousedoc

    “After giving his impassioned speech, Benham told The Christian Post that all Christians must be willing to die in order to stop the gays.”

    Please proceed, Mr. Benham.

  • hotshot70

    this is why I am Athiest. these Christians preach how homosexuality is bad, but then the pastors are diddling the choir boys. I avoid all talk on politics and religion. It just causes more issues

  • James Hart

    @Wayne_in_NYC: Firstly: Calling someone a moron for disagreeing with you is unseemly. Ad hominem attacks are the refuge of those with unintelligent arguments. Secondly: Have it your own way. But don’t complain when gay people are fired just for advocating for gay rights, such as when they work in a Catholic school. You seem to agree with the repugnant notion that people should be fired for expressing beliefs which may differ from their employer’s. What’s good for the goose (firing a person expressing anti-gay views) is good for the gander (firing a person expressing pro-gay views).

  • James Hart

    @DB75: Wayne in NYC only believes in free speech if HE approves of what you’re saying. Clearly, he has an authoritarian personality, much like the born again Christians he so despises.

  • James Hart

    @Mezaien: Many of your comments seem to be the ranting of an unstable person. Please seek psychiatric assistance. Your obsession with “killing” people is very disturbing.

  • James Hart

    @Bellamy: Sorry, Reverend, but Catholics are Christian. The Catholic Church was the first Christian church, the church from which all others came. It was also the Catholic Church at the earliest Ecumenical Councils which selected which books of the bible would be considered canonical. The bible you read was put together by the Catholic Church.

  • James Hart

    @litper: I am a gay man who proudly thinks for himself. Resorting to an ad hominem attack, by calling me an homophobe, is beneath you and utterly ridiculous.

  • James Hart

    @gaym50ish: So then I guess that you have no problem with the Catholic Church (or any other private entity) which fires its’ employees who publicly espouse gay rights.

  • justSomeGuyFromNJ

    @James Hart: HGTV is a BRAND. And as a brand, the owners of that brand have an obligation to protect it from any action that could harm, diminish or devalue it.

    If your brand is harmed, you’re done.

  • tricky ricky

    braveheart is an incredibly historically inaccurate film.

  • tricky ricky

    @JamesHart early church history you get right. the rest, I don’t think so. HGTV had every right not to go forward with the show, just like these closet case homophobic twins have every right to bitch and moan to every right wing Christian outlet they can about them being persecuted by the gays.

    it wasn’t even the gays that got these guys deep sixed, it was the website right wing watch. these twerps are doing nothing more than sucking up to their dear old dad who taught them to hate since they were born and drummed it into their dear little ears.

    people like these jerks turn their religious bias into a cottage industry and castigate other for dollars. they are nothing but the latest lot of christian hucksters to come down the pike

  • tricky ricky

    @ bellamy there ios no such thing as the supernatural. your god is nothing more than a bronze age sociopathic mass murdering idiot who kept punishing people for things he knew they would do from before he created them. he couldn’t even keep non corporeal angels in line. as gods go he’s pretty much a joke.

    the bible is nothing but a book of myth and the religions which sprang forth because of the old and new testaments prove that nothing good ever came out of the middle east after the dawn of civilization when the land started to go to crap and the people were too stupid to move.

  • tomtomz

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  • jar

    @tomtomz: You are, quite frankly, out of your mind. The mods should put you out of our misery pretty quickly.

    • scotshot

      ???? I realize you are having problems, but it’s not my fault and it’s my comments that immediately go to moderation. Spend a nickel and get it fixed.

  • mezzacanadese

    Really, Jason Bentham is just another nutcake. We should not even be giving him free rent in our heads.

  • Chuck

    It just amazes me how someone can call themselves a “Christian”. Then go out and treat others like they are trash. These so called “Christians” are nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites and bigots.
    When we are ALL judged in the end. I wonder how disappointed God is going to be when these people that hate others go up to him.
    I don’t know of any bible where it says it is OK to HATE people, and treat them like they are trash. If it is, would anyone please point it out to me!

    This is just one reason why global warning is heating up. Too many of these so called “Christians” didn’t make it in. They were sent down to a very HOT place.

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