Faith In America

The gay marriage debate sometimes makes us want to lose faith in humanity. We wonder how so many people could be such stupid, unfeeling monsters. And then we hear about a group like the Jesus Metropolitan Community Church, which is based in Indiana and has just launched a high profile campaign of religious inclusiveness. Indiana was recently voted one of the Top 10 most unfriendly states for gays, and this group is reaching out to people in the heart of the beast by speaking their language.


They obviously believe that people can change and grow to become better and more loving, and we are happy to be reminded that there are still optimists in the world. We know first-hand that even the most bigoted person can have a change of heart, but sometimes we forget, or can’t put in the effort to bring it about.

The campaign has gotten a fair amount of media attention, and we’re certain they could now use what all new non-profits can use: money. So check out their site and donate if you’re so inclined.

Faith In America [Official Site]

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  • Hephaestion

    People CAN change.

    My grandfather lost everything and joined the KKK in the 1930’s. Hate and anger took over his life.

    By the 1960’s he had transformed into a totally different person, who gave all he had to help his African American neighbors. And who would kill any grandchild of his caught saying the “n” word.

    So people CAN change. It has happened, and we have to keep working to make it continue to happen. You just have to keep hitting them on the head with the truth.

  • djdavi

    It’s always nice to hear about churches spreading love and tolerance and acceptance. 3 cheers!

  • Jennifer Levy

    I’ve just left the Institutional Church over its second-class treatment of LGBT people. The Church, because of its sins against LGBT Christians (the Baptized) cannot be saved from itself, despite the many good people who try. I was one of them, but now I will simply wait out here in the wilderness for the Reign of God’s Justice to kick the asses of the bigoted dickheads in the Church.

  • Dave Cornwell

    I’m trying to locate the source of the poll that shows Indiana as being one of the Top 10 most unfriendly states for gays. If someone knows a link or a source, please let me know. Thanks.

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