Fake Facebook Leads To “Gay Libel”

Facebook has found itself in the middle of some major drama. Briton Mathew Firsht has filed a libel suit against a former school chum whom Firsht claims started a phony profile for him. And, like all good libel suits, this one has a decidedly lavender tinge:

A false profile of Mathew Firsht was entered on the social networking website with his name and date of birth, incorrectly stating he was signed up to gay groups.

It also falsely claimed he was ‘Looking for whatever I can get’ in terms of a relationship and had lied to avoid repaying loans.

The profile said he was signed up to groups on the site, including ‘Gay in the Wood… Borehamwood’ and ‘Gay Jews in London’.

Facebook yanked the page after sixteen days. The accused, Grant Raphael denies any wrong doing.