Fake Marriage Possibly to Come to Real End

tom and katie

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes “relationship” had a rocky day, when Life & Style reported the couple had split, followed by, just a few hours later, your standard publicist denial. Why the split? Sexuality, of course, had nothing to do with it. We at Queerty fully support Cruise’s lawyer Bert Fields and his repeated assertion that “Tom Cruise is not gay.” (We hope his secretary has a keyboard shortcut for that phrase because the girl probably has carpal tunnel from typing that thing over and over).

In reference to a forthcoming cover story in the tabloid magazine Life & Style about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, it should be known that the story is 100% false. Mr. Cruise and Ms. Holmes are still engaged and are moving forward with their wedding plans, as well as planning for the arrival of their child. Despite the malicious fallacies put forth by Life & Style magazine, the couple is looking forward to a long and happy life together as a family.

We’d also like to note that included in the claim that the story is “100% false,” is the line about the “couple’s” “relationship.”

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes – it’s over! [Life & Style]

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