Who's That Girl?

Fall To Pieces Over These Never-Before-Seen Polaroids Of Madonna Before Stardom


Never-before-seen Polaroids of Madonna are about to be released in a special limited edition tome titled Madonna 66, compiled by photographer Richard Corman.

Featuring a sprightly 24-year-old Madonna, the photos — taken on Friday, June 17th 1983 — feature Madge bopping around her brother Christopher’s New York apartment, and being extremely sultry with a broom.

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Six weeks later, her debut album would drop, and you know the rest.

“For 35 years I thought they were lost,” Corman says of the photos. “Everything I do is labelled, I’m extremely organized, we archive anything — but this was just a little brown cardboard box. I opened it, and it took my breath away.”

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Only 1500 copies of the book will be released, so you’ll have to act fast to beat her rabid fanbase, and they’re some quick bitches.

The first 500 will include a print signed by Corman and will put you out $128. The remaining 1,000 are $75.

Pre-order the book HERE, and ogle some of the images below:










h/t: Attitude