False Advertising

Clay Aiken

We’ve heard one too many stories about Clay Aiken and John Paulus. Enough is enough. Madonna does not even get this much coverage on blogs.

And while John Paulus makes his porn debut this week thanks to our pal Michael Lucas, Perez Hilton returns to posting the items that we love from him. Let’s not forget it was Perez who broke this story after all. We may hate on Perezzle from time to time, but when he’s good, he’s good. We just wish he would think before getting dressed.

Perez has a press release, whether fake or not, that is bound to make you laugh. Seems like there may be a group of Claymates interested in suing Aiken’s handlers for false advertising.

The whole text is after the jump.

Real or Really Effed Up [Perez Hilton]
John Paulus’ Auditon [Lucas Blog] NSFW

Former Clay Aiken Fans Deliberate Class-Action Lawsuit and FTC Complaint

Raleigh, NC — February 17, 2006 –Recent media reports regarding performer Clay Aiken has led a group of 9 disillusioned former fans to consider a class-action lawsuit and a possible FTC Complaint against the recording and promotional entities behind Aiken.

“As consumers, we feel ripped off. It is obvious now that the private Clay is very different from the manufactured packaged public Clay that was marketed to us” said a spokesman for the group.

“We believe that this was absolutely fraudulent and that we may have actionable recourse against the record company”.

Presently, the group continues to interview legal representation and deliberates over appropriate legal standing before filing any suit. Among the premises being considered toward RCA Records and corporate parent Sony/BMG are False Advertising on the basis of Misrepresentation and Bait and Switch. A potential FTC Complaint is also being measured.

Deceptive advertising is illegal under the U.S. Federal Trade Commission Act and is punishable by criminal and civil penalties, including fines, injunctions and corrective advertising.

Any action would seek refunds for consumers who previously purchased Aiken CDs, merchandise, or attended his concerts.

Anticipating backlash from Aiken’s famously militant fan base, these former fans ranging in ages, occupational backgrounds, and geographic locales have elected to keep their identities anonymous contingent upon any legal filings.

Further details will be forthcoming upon finalizing any complaint.

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