“Family Circle” Readers “Disappointed” By Photo Of Two Dads, Take To Facebook To Voice Their Outrage

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The offending image

The popular women’s magazine Family Circle has done something absolutely shocking. (At least, by its good, old-fashioned, down-home, traditional, All-American standards.) For the first time in its history, the magazine has featured a gay family.

Dads Chris and Bob Osner-Hackett and their two adorable daughters appear in the most recent issue of the magazine in a new Q&A column titled “Modern Life.”

In the column, the Osner-Hacketts describe how they’ve always felt welcomed and accepted by their community.

Until now, that is.

Some Family Circle readers did not appreciate seeing the photo. After all, a happy same-sex family hugging one another is pretty darn offensive.

Arlene Emery from New Market, AL wrote that she was “disappointed” by the article on Family Circle‘s Facebook wall:

And Debbie Vlahovic of Mesa, AZ called it an “abomination”:

But Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of Family Circle Linda Fears isn’t having any of their sanctimonious hate speech.

“The Modern Life column is one of several new features introduced with the redesigned September 2014 issue,” she told Huffington Post. “Our aim is to be reflective of all families and we don’t think it’s a big deal to publish a piece on gay parents.”

“We are certainly not the first magazine or media brand to share the story of gay parents,” she continued.

Fears noted that the magazine also publishes stories on “single parents, multi-racial couples, and unmarried couples with kids” because “they are all representative of American family life today.” And if people are offended by that, well, they can shove it.

“We hope that everything we publish in Family Circle is inspiring, informative, thought provoking or motivating in one way or another,” she added. “Our goal is to be relevant, honest and realistic.”

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