Family Drama Curbs Gay Politico’s Congressional Race

And you thought your family was fucked?! Arizona politico Steve May rescinded his Congressional bid after falling out with his family, which owns United American Industries, a sweetener manufacturer.

May’s Mormon parents, James and Carol May, allege in court papers that they brought their son into the business back in 1995, but gave him the boot in 2006 following his “erratic behavior,” which they claim came from a substance abuse problem. May’s made no secret of his previous bouts with addiction, and readily admits to checking into rehab in February of 2006.

Republican May denies his parents claims, particularly that he tried to steal their employees and start a rival business. He also blames their actions on their religion…

From Arizona Capitol Times:

“(My parents) always see my behavior as erratic because they’re dishonest,” May said. “Sobriety showed me that they were engaged in … evil behavior that I want nothing to do with.” May said he and his parents had reached an agreement for them to buy him out in February, freeing up his time to run for Shadegg’s seat. Steven Weinberger, James and Carol May’s in-house legal counsel, said that’s a “complete and utter fabrication.”

A mediation memo in the case states May’s Mormon parents never accepted Steve as a gay man. The memo, written by Steve May’s attorneys, describes the story of a successful business infected by a dysfunctional family. “My parents have been abusive people our entire lives,” he said of himself and four siblings. “I unfortunately thought that if I made them rich that they’d be nice to us, but that’s not what happened.”

Mr. and Mrs. May deny those claims, of course.

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  • Alan down in Florida

    Oh those gay Republicans! They getting close to ousting the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus as “The Greatest Show On Earth.”

  • Tintin Malfoy

    Awesome! It’s like “Dynasty” for the new millennium.

  • PalePhoenix

    “Awesome! It’s like ‘Dynasty’ for the new millennium.”

    Except that Steven Carrington’s on ‘Heroes’ and this guy’s family is pretty much in my backyard. I sometimes feel that the rest of the country doesn’t know from Mormons but what they see on the TV or in films (and no, ‘Latter Days’ would be F-A-N-T-A-S-Y, gurlz). That they’re quite simply an older cult than Scientology doesn’t make the precepts of their faith any more legitimate (must suck being lied to by your own founder, in either case), but I’m usually of the thinking that if a religion can generally improve your life and help you in your relationships with your loved ones, then it’s OK by me.

    I won’t be responsible for making this thread a LDS bash-a-thon, but here is at least one example of how ‘loved ones’ fall right through the cracks…when it’s less “Did he fall?” than “Was he pushed?” I guess I’ll be choosing a different sweetener from now on.

  • Bitch Republic

    Mormons need to grow up. (I know from firsthand experience, I used to be one.)

  • Bloggernista

    That’s a really messed up family. I don’t live anywhere near AZ, but I was wishing May well because we need more openly GLBT elected officials. His family seems to have squashed the dream for him.

  • Arthur

    Older the Scientology, younger than Catholicism. Big deal. Most Mormons don’t get homosexuality, that’s a given. It’s also largely moot. I don’t understand what his family issues have to do with his eligibility to run for office. Is it a question of not having money to run a campaign without the buy out?

  • PalePhoenix

    “we need more openly GLBT elected officials”

    Neil Giuliano ( ) was Mayor of Tempe, and is now President of GLAAD, a posting I discovered nearly 2 years after it occurred. Because no one HERE (on the news or in my ‘socioeconomic level’) said much of anything. It’s not as if we can’t get elected in AZ, just that everyone else pretends they didn’t hear the ‘gay’ part.

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