Family Research Council, AFA, Focus on the Family, TVC + Liberty Counsel Fail: Chai Feldblum Gets Her Gov’t Job

Dr. Chai Feldblum

After some secret Senate ploy to keep Chai Feldblum out of her commissioner job at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission — which Obama appointed her to way back in September — the lesbian Georgetown Law professor will finally ascend to the spot after the White House announced on Friday it would fill 15 spots (and perhaps more on the way) on an interim basis through recess appointments.

Feldblum and all her fellow EEOC nominees will get their jobs, as will another nominee on the National Labor Relations Board. Which is sad, because the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, the Traditional Values Coalition, the Liberty Counsel, and the American Family Association all had high hopes in blocking her appointment. (Yes, all of them were working to shun Feldblum.) And you can expect every one of them to complain, just as the White House was complaining about how Senate Republicans were blocking Obama’s appointments by stalling votes.

Looks like it’s time to update Feldblum’s fanpage

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