Family Research Council Distributes Anti-Gay Propaganda To Minnesota Churches

The Family Research Council rode its spiritual high horse around to churches in Minnesota distributing hate in the guise of informational pamphlets that decried same-sex marriage as the end of society. So basically, business as usual in Minnesota where an amendment is on the ballot that would ban gay marriage.

Good As You acquired the bulletin inserts, in which the FRC urges good, God-fearing Christians to “graciously proclaim” how the gays are going straight to hell, along with the drunks, the thieves and the “male prostitutes” (females get a free pass, we guess) and how redefining marriage will destroy culture all together.

Well, as long as their gracious about it. But if culture can survive six seasons of the Jersey Shore, we’ll be fine.

Anyone who picks up the pamphlet should stop reading after the first sentence, though, which completely devalues it as anything of note:  “God has ordained three basic institutions: the church, the government and the family. ”

This is America, trash. Church and state are separated for a reason. And that reason is called the Family Research Council. Click here to donate to pro-marriage equality group, Minnesotans for All Families.