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Family Research Council ‘Experts’ Aren’t Qualified to Speak About Military Gays. So Why Turn to Them?

Every time one of these Family Research Council fellows appears on a news program, it’s to ensure the talking head hosting the segment can claim a “balanced” dialogue, representing both support and opposition of an issue. This time it’s FRC senior fellow Peter Sprigg, facing off against SLDN’s Aubrey Sarvis. But the difference here is that Sarvis is a military veteran, capable of speaking on military life. Sprigg, meanwhile, is a leader of an American fringe hate group. This is nonsense, and it’s no longer responsible journalism to put these people on the same pedestal as reasonable people. Stop it.

You do not invite a Klansman on television when debating affirmative action. And yet Sprigg is here, on live national television, saying the U.S. armed forces should actively discriminate against an entire class of Americans — that they should, in effect, “test” for gay men and women before letting them try to enlist. And that we should criminalize gay people expressing love. This is the same terror inflicted against non-whites before 1948.

And it should never, ever be tolerated — or even entertained — ever again.