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Family Research Council Links Repealing DADT To Increased Rapes, HIV

Things the Family Research Council has argued seriously: Teaching kids about gay people will make them gay. Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will lead to more man-on-man rapes. And now, from Dr. Robert Labutta, a retired Army colonel: Repealing DADT will increase HIV transmission rates. Fine, but if we repeal DADT will it stop future oil leaks? Only FRC can tell!

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  • Steve

    Gah. How can they use “Battlestar Galactica” music for something like this. The creators’ and the composer wouldn’t appreciate this.

  • reason

    The same Bill O that was being praised on this site for his supposed earth shattering support of DADT was happily accepting his Award from the Family Research Council in September of last year. They shut out all cameras, I am sure Bill was talking about how much he loved us and thinks the president can end exsisting law with a stroke of a pen. To top it of Family Research Council spent over 25000 dollars lobbying the GOP members of Congress to block a U.S. resolution condemning Uganda’s plan to begin the execution of homosexuals.

  • Gray

    That’s not bsg music. True the creators wouldn’t approve, but I don’t know where you got the idea that was bsg music.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Thank you, Dr. Soft Spoken One, for being so concerned about our individual well-being. The countless service members booted out of the military send their regards.


    Geeze can they at the very least come up with some new horrible results of the Gays gone wild??

    They drag out the same old tired stereotypes again and again………………

  • Jeffree

    It’s such a bunch of hogwash, this myth that we gheyz are trying to convert innocent str8s into our ways. Nope, we’re not. Not a shred of research out there says we can “turn” anyone into something they weren’t beforehand.


    @Jeffree: J…..its the same ole same ole……..every straight man is convinced we want nothing more than to jump their bonez…….Hate to inform them that there really aren’t many of ’em we wouldwant to “convert”……………PS cyberhugs from last message :-p

  • Steve

    I forgot that us nasty fags were ditching public parks and joining the military to cruise for sex. All the pieces of my life are falling into place.

    These people are complete idiots. I’m glad that every day these groups fall farther and farther into obscurity.

  • Joseph

    WERE DO YOU FIND THESE PEOPLE!!!!! Obviously common sense dosn’t come into play in the U.S military service

  • B

    No. 10 · Joseph asked, “WERE DO YOU FIND THESE PEOPLE!!!!!”

    My guess, given the list of personnel on , is that they found Robert Labutta at the Washington Christian Academy – there is someone with the same name on its staff who is listed as an MD
    and verifies it, adding that this particular Robert Labutta was formerly a neurologist and neuro-ophthalmologist for the US Army (fields that have nothing to do with sexual orientation).

    Regarding QUEERTY’s statement, “Dr. Robert Labutta, a retired Army colonel: Repealing DADT will increase HIV transmission rates,” he never said that. What he did say was the gays were at higher risk for HIV and STDs than straights. He was merely saying that there would be more HIV cases in the military if people at higher risk for HIV joined. I.e., if someone gets it, Dr. Labutta would prefer that the patient not be in the military at the time.

  • Jeffree

    FRC gets.donors from instilling.panic.
    Here’s the truth: The vast majority of “us” don’t want,seek or need the baggage or drama associated with Enough said.
    Sorry ’bout the wweird punctuation. My posts keep gettin’ mooderated.

    @Plays Well: Back atcha. My lasagne are sublime, so maybe I should just fed.ex. it over to you & yours? If yer allergic 2 ba.con you won’t like it, I must say! i can substitute with tofu, upon request. Blllllecccch !


    @Jeffree: J, first off what the hell are you doin’ roamin on Queerty St. @ 3:47am???? :-p
    Send it ova any way ya like it am sure will love it!…………Weird that your posties are getting flagged…..As you well know by now I sometimes use “colorfull” language…and the only thing eva to get flagged is the word p e n i s!!

  • Jeffree

    I can’t believe the FRC survived the Rekers/Rent.boi scandal. Do they ever learn?

    @PlaysWellEnoughWithOtters: don’t forget, I work at night! That’s my fave boss EVER: he sleeps like 16 hours a day! I’m a to a very smart guy who has a neurodegenerative disease(like MS plus seizures).

    Alll I have to do is make dinner (salad or sandwich), we watch some TV, get him to.bed & attach a monitor that goes beep bleep beep. When it goes *bleep bleep bleep*, I am supposed to call 9-1-1 — but that’s never happpened yet! But I have to stay awake just in case.


    @Jeffree: J…….I wasn’t sure what brought the coin to you ……..Compared to some of the depictions of stone faced mean ole woman ya see of some HHAs am sure u r a welcome change for your atendee….I do the supposed 9 ta 5 though thankefully am not cubebound, out and about most ‘o the time………..hopin you stay beep free :-p…..T

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Jeffree: I consider heterosexuality to be a lie to begin with, constructed by bigots so men could feign pleasure out of controlling women and baby-farming, so it’s not like we have to do anything.

  • B

    No. 13 · PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS wrote, “@Jeffree: J, first off what the hell are you doin’ roamin on Queerty St. @ 3:47am????”

    Aside from Jeffree’s statement that he works at night, that 3:47 AM is QUEERTY’s time stamp, put there by QUEERTY’s server based on the time zone where QUEERTY’s server is located. The time stamp is not adjusted to refer to the time zone of the person posting the comment.

  • dvd-junkie

    @Steve: Well, if you knew BSG’s music inside out, you would realize that is not ‘Prelude to War’. Actually, it lacks the distinct style that McCreary provided to that show. Check it against the very link you provided, if you don’t believe me.

    I doubt the producers or McCreary would take lightly to their product being abused in this manner by the FRC.

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