Family Research Council’s Homosexual Terror Watchlist: Harry Reid

The Family Research Council has an APB out on Sen. Harry Reid and his homosexual agenda, trying to strip soldiers of their right not to know if the dude next to them has ever given a BJ. These people must be stopped!

I do hate it, though, when FRC goes off message: Keeping DADT around isn’t about our military’s history, it’s about stopping the spread of HIV and rapes.

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  • Syl

    “Our military is about defense, no politics”

    Um, yeah, wow.

  • McMike

    @Syl: Don’t you love the irony of them using the military for politics? How can they say the military isn’t about politics when they’re using the topic it in s political ad to attack the LGBT community?

  • David

    Loathesome cockroaches, all of them.
    I wonder how many of THEM have ever been in the military.

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