“Family values” candidate Roy Moore accused of seducing 14-year-old girl

GOP Alabama State Senate hopeful Roy Moore holds a number of widely unpopular beliefs, among them that “homosexual conduct should be illegal.”

Now you can add another (alleged) controversial position to Moore’s platform: The former judge apparently thinks it’s appropriate for a 32-year-old to have sexual contact with a 14-year-old.

In an explosive report filed by The Washington Post, multiple women have come forward to allege that Moore pursued them when they were young teenagers.

As the reaction to the strikingly similar Kevin Spacey allegations (not to mention common sense and the rule of law) tells us, this viewpoint doesn’t mesh well with society at large.

One instance in particular, bravely shared by now-53-year-old Leigh Corfman, paints a particularly damning portrait of Moore when he was a young assistant district attorney in Alabama.

Corfman was 14 in 1979 when she went with her mother to the Etowah County courthouse. The two were sitting on a bench outside when she says Moore approached and introduced himself.

“He said, ‘Oh, you don’t want her to go in there and hear all that. I’ll stay out here with her,’” says Corfman’s mother, Nancy Wells. “I thought, how nice for him to want to take care of my little girl.”

Corfman says that when the two were alone, Moore asked for her phone number. Then a few days later, he picked her up and drove her to his home, where he seduced and kissed her.

Then during another visit, he removed her shirt and pants and took off his own clothing. She says he touched her over her underwear and moved her hand to touch him over his underwear.

“I wanted it over with — I wanted out,” Corfman tells the Post. “Please just get this over with. Whatever this is, just get it over.”

Corfman says she pulled away and asked Moore to bring her home. He did.

“I wasn’t ready for that — I had never put my hand on a man’s penis, much less an erect one,” Corfman adds.

The Post has confirmed that Corfman’s mother was at the courthouse in February 1979 by examining divorce records. Moore’s office was reportedly just down the hall.

The paper also spoke with multiple other women who claim Moore pursued them as teens, though none of them say Moore forced them to do anything.

Moore categorically denies any of this took place.

“These allegations are completely false and are a desperate political attack by the National Democrat Party and the Washington Post on this campaign,” he said.

Drawing from the Donald Trump playbook, Moore’s campaign added in a statement that “this garbage is the very definition of fake news.”

The Post reports that Corfman told her story consistently over the course of six interviews.

Corfman says she “thought of confronting Moore personally for years” and that she almost contacted the press with her story during Moore’s first campaign for state Supreme Court in 2000. She was worried about how the attention would affect her two children, both still in school then.

You can read the entire report here and decide for yourself if it’s “fake news.”

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  • Horse Lips

    I highly doubt his voters will care the tiniest bit about this, no matter how true it may be.

    • mlnave

      You’re probably right, I fear, unless many more come forward. Many, many more.

    • RIGay

      Hard to call. Alabama has been going through the WRINGER on political scandals the past few years. This could shut the door on this ogre.

  • Kris

    I truly hope this ruins his chances in the coming election…

  • Jaroslaw

    This guy is bad news for a number of reasons, and I have no way of knowing whether the accusations are true. Neither does anyone else. However, I would like to point out that every time something high profile enough makes the news, others jump on the bandwagon. It was amazing how many people confessed to being Jack the Ripper, for example, when he was never actually caught.

  • NateOcean

    Well Moore *is* a Family Values candidate, and apparently 9 is the age of consent in Alabama. So what’s the problem?

    • Nahald

      Gosh, I thought it was 12 there…..LOL

  • Kangol

    I always knew this horrible homophobe was a creep, but this just proves it. There are now four women who’ve said he pursued them when they were in their teens (14, two at 16, one at 18). Disgusting. And he has the gall to go after LGBTQ people, or anyone for that matter? One thing that anyone who opposes Roy Moore can do is support his opponent, Doug Jones, who has a pretty decent record on the issues. Since they’re running in Alabama, Jones will need every dime to beat this monster.

  • Nahald

    I seems that Moore was practicing his “family values” by having “family time” with a little girl.

  • Jaxton

    This sounds very sus. I don’t believe the woman. Something about the way she describes it just doesn’t ring true to me.

    Waiting 38 years to make an accusation against a public figure is something that normal people don’t do. Like I said, I don’t believe her.

    • Brian

      hahaha… Do you ever have a comment that isn’t dumb and trollish? Your reputation precedes you here.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      Arguing with your other moniker, now that’s special.

    • Brian

      Is Jaxton the other Brian? I keep hearing people refer to this guy… it’s confusing. I’m me, a guy really named Brian.

    • Bryguyf69

      @jaxton You obviously know know the stigma of rape and sexual assault — especially in the South 38 years ago. Who would believe a 14 y/o over an Assistant District Attorney? The girl came from a troubled family (which is why they were in Family Court). He represented the Law. Would YOU have believed her??? Back then, especially in the South, even if a sexual assault is proven, the woman is often blamed for being a tease. As such, young victims of assault often don’t even tell their families.

      You’re forgetting that the girl was totally alone. She did not know about the other victims. There was no Internet. No one else witnessed the alleged incident(s). What good would have come from reporting it? The likely result would have been being called a liar and/or a slut. Witness what happened to the victims of locker room hazing. They become the town pariahs and tattletales while the bullies are “just boys being boys.”

      What’s worse, she would have been reporting the crime to Assistant DA’s own institution! The people investigating Moore would likely have been his friends and colleagues. You don’t think that’s frightening to a 14 y/o? How empowered do you think a 14 y/o girl in the 1979 South was?

      I’m not saying that the allegations are true but your reason for dismissing them doesn’t match reality.

    • Bryguyf69

      @Jaxton As to why she waited until now, it’s simple: 1) Moore is in the news. 2) Moore may become an elected official, whose actions affect her and the rest of the country. 3) Moore’s rhetoric has never been so polarizing. Significant numbers of moderate Republicans dislike him and think that he harms the GOP. 4) She didn’t go to the press, the Washington Post went to her. What should she have done? Lie and say nothing happened (assuming the assault really happened)? 5) There is a current wave of empowerment among [alleged] victims of sexual assault, i.e. Cosby, Spacey, Weinstein, etc.

    • DCguy

      1. Actually “Waiting” or never making an accusation is the norm for rape or molestation victims.
      2. She didn’t make the accusation, she was found by the Post, who also interviewed childhood friends who backed up the account.
      3. We get that the GOP is not just the party of hating lgbts, but of supporting child molesters.
      4. Funny, when the accusations were against Harvey Weinstein I didn’t see you doubting them, but when they’re against Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly or Roy Moore You attack the victims. How interesting.

  • Mick406

    Probably a made up, bullshit story. I hear sounds of Democrat libs pecking away at keyboards.

    • Brian

      She’s a registered Republican, and she voted for Trump/Pence, Romney/Ryan, and McCain/Palin.

    • ejmac

      I hear sounds of your mother giving you a handjob.

  • Kelso

    I created an account just so that I could leave a note to the editor.
    You spelled ‘molested’ wrong in your title, or maybe you were trying to spell ‘sexually assaulting’ instead, but either way you didn’t get it right.

  • Brody

    Yeah, I’m beginning to suspect a trend here of late: Blame someone for sexual assault/harassment and send that person’s career into the gutter.

    • Paco

      He has done more than enough to damage his own suitability for holding a public office without these allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

      But no worries, his own ilk are already defending him with bible verses to make it ok.

    • DCguy

      Funny, you didn’t hesitate to attack Harvey Weinstein, how interesting. Oh wait, that’s right, child molestation, Bigotry, Racism, Assault, all of it are fine as long as Republicans do it.

    • Kangol

      You’re defending a homophobic, rac!st pedophile, Mo Bro? Really? Partisanship blinds you that much?

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    of course none of this is true because he’s a good republican christian gentleman. and i can think of several more just like that who’ve had their political careers ruin by allegations just like these. may his follow those down the shitter as well.

  • oaksong

    The Republicans are already rolling over and supporting what he did as normal because “Mary was a teenager ehen she married Jesus.” When the f* is 9 a teenager?

  • BriBri

    It’s Alabammy, the age of consent is at birth.

  • expressionlessanger

    I hope this isn’t true. I’ve fantasized about Judge Moore since coming out as a teenager, and even now as a 24 y/o, I often j/o thinking of him. I love his accent, and often imagine him in that cowboy hat and crotchless leather chaps disciplining me with a riding crop. Sometimes he’s in a leather jockstrap. I guess that comes from stories my dad told me about seeing him in the locker room and showers in the gym they shared. Dad never realized why I often went into the bathroom after his stories, and that was to j/o. I’d love to bottom for him but sometimes I imagine rimming his toned ass, while he bottoms. Anyway, for the sake of those women, and Judge Moore, I hope the stories aren’t true.

    • Bryguyf69


    • cutemikey

      I’ve seen your profiles on different sites and you’re adorable (like a younger and twinkier version of metorologist Jeff Smith). So why the $#%#$ are you wasting your cum on shriveled prune like Moore??? Now, Steve Bannon — that’s worth my cum! So yeah, I understand daddy issues but you — especially YOU — can do so much better.

    • GayEGO

      Ewwwwwwww! You must want some of that smelly Orange crap coming from the White House! :>)

  • Jaxton

    38 year old allegations? Puh-lease. I don’t believe a word of it.

    • GayEGO

      Just remember how embarassing it is for someone to be molested, especially at that young age. I agree that today, the victims must not accept money to keep them quiet, they need to sue these sexual predators and make a big news media report about it.

  • Notright

    The saga continues. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad he’s going down but honestly it seems that claiming sexual harassment is all the rage this year. Last it was accusing the cops of brutality. I mean really it took her 38 years to say something and a month before an election?? That doesn’t sit right with me.

    Speaking of penises though if you’re not happy with your member read this article now. https://packedman.com/stop-having-penis-envy-now/

    • GayEGO

      As long as it is not a penis-demenis! :>)

    • Kangol

      “Last it was accusing the cops of brutality”: are you off your f*cking rocker? Did you not see the numerous VIDEOS showing cops brutally shooting, beating, chokeholding, etc. innocent people who had no weapons? Wake the F up, sheesh, and spare us the advertising links!

  • o.codone

    The Malcom Gladwell book “Blink” comes to mind. From the split second you hear these allegations, you know they’re bullsh*it. Fake bullsh*it.

    • Kangol

      Yep, dismiss valid allegations by the victims. I guess you support alleged rapists like Charlie Sheen, Bill Cosby, Donald Trump….

  • GayEGO

    I realize the girls are embarrassed, but they need to come out strong against these sexual pedophiles and don’t accept the money offers to keep them quiet, sue them and make a big news media report about them!

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