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‘Family Values’ Rep. Vito Fossella Kept a Secret 2nd Family. Now He Wants to Run Again?

Disgraced former Rep. Vito Fossella, the Staten Island congressman who in 2006 voted to ban same-sex marriage via constitutional amendment, should have disappeared into the ether in 2008 when a drunk driving arrest revealed he had an entire second family that he secretly kept in Virginia. Except he didn’t go anywhere. He’s returning. In a big way.

The Staten Island Republican Party’s executive committee just selected Fossella to run on the GOP ticket and re-claim the congressional seat he gave up at the end of his term, even though there are two other candidates who wanted the party’s nomination. At the meeting, which Fossella didn’t attend, his selection came as a shock.

That means if Fossella’s name is ratified next week this guy, a self-styled family values type who violated the tradition of marriage he worked so hard to uphold and keep from you fags, will face off in November against Michael McMahon, the Democratic incumbent.