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‘Family Values’ Rep. Vito Fossella Kept a Secret 2nd Family. Now He Wants to Run Again?

Disgraced former Rep. Vito Fossella, the Staten Island congressman who in 2006 voted to ban same-sex marriage via constitutional amendment, should have disappeared into the ether in 2008 when a drunk driving arrest revealed he had an entire second family that he secretly kept in Virginia. Except he didn’t go anywhere. He’s returning. In a big way.

The Staten Island Republican Party’s executive committee just selected Fossella to run on the GOP ticket and re-claim the congressional seat he gave up at the end of his term, even though there are two other candidates who wanted the party’s nomination. At the meeting, which Fossella didn’t attend, his selection came as a shock.

That means if Fossella’s name is ratified next week this guy, a self-styled family values type who violated the tradition of marriage he worked so hard to uphold and keep from you fags, will face off in November against Michael McMahon, the Democratic incumbent.

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  • Mikenstl

    Unbelievable…. If I didn’t know better I would think y’all make this sh*t up….. Wow


    All that Queerty posted above is true. However what shows what a true scumbag piece of walking shit this slug is the info that he has a Gay Sister. He refused to attend family functions where his Sister attended with here Partner, because he claimed simply attending a family function with his Sister present would “hurt traditional family values”………………….

    Hey Vito! just how much concern for “family values” did you show towards your kids from your first family?????

    Just when you think the Repugnatican party can’t sink any lower, they pull another one out to show they truly have no shame…….

  • Andy

    Do people like this have absolutely no shame? How about the people who vote for them?

  • LOL

    Where was Sara Palin and her Tea Party on this one… oh, I get it… this is one of their good guys…. he hates gays… Rhoad Island should be ashamed. LOL

  • christopher di spirito

    And this being New York — arguably, the most corrupt state in the U.S., Fossella has a very good chance of being elected.

    Remember, this is a state without a budget, a state shuttering parks, laying off teachers, closing hospitals, and eliminating social services agencies that help people living with HIV/AIDS.

    A place with a city called New York, with a billionaire mayor, who ignored the term limits law, ran illegally for a third term and was reelected with huge support from the gays.

    New York is a banana republic so nothing surprises me about the place.

  • Joey O'H

    @Andy. Those who vote for him share his homophobic and corrupt family values views. These foul losers & their personal screw ups just keep coming…

  • Robert, NYC

    No. 5, Christopher di Spirito, and lets not forget we have our own scumbags in our state assembly who voted away our marriage rights last December, eight of them, all conservadems. This state IS corrupt, no question about it.

    Yes, No. 4 LOL, where was Palin and all the other right wingers in the GOP when its one of their own? Notice how silent they are, including Maggie Gallagher of NOM. The Family Research Council, Focus on the Family and others, ALL silent, no condemnation. They’re all losing the argument against same-sex marriage, no question about that. I hope we see more and more of it, but I daresay, there will be some right wingers insisting that SSM is the cause.

  • Wade MacMorrighan

    We should oh-so-totally rub this in NOM’s face!!!!

  • Robert, NYC

    No. 8 Wasde MacMorrighan…even if we did, I doubt if you’d get much of a rise out of her. She’d probably disagree with him but not really say anything bad or derogatory. How can she? She had a baby out of wedlock. For them it doesn’t really matter as long as they’re straight, one man, one woman mentality. They’re more forgiving of that than they are of two committed same-sex partners in marriage who don’t cheat.

  • edgyguy1426

    Plays Well… I can’t help but wonder who the people are that would give a ‘thumbs down’ to that….


    @edgyguy1426:Thank you, Most likely the same folks who give thumbs up to the posters who want the two reporters who exposed George Reekers to be proscuted for “their illegal actions”………..

  • tjr101

    Staten Island is actually the only borough in NYC that went for McCain, so you know what their thinking is like over there. There is a high probability he’ll get elected simply because the district he’s running for is very similar to Alabama.

  • George Rekers

    Is he by any chance available to spend a week in Europe?

  • jeffree

    Yo Vito: “Family Values” doesn’t involve having a secret second family on the side. God created Adam & Eve not Adam, Eve & Louise!

    Since you’re so into religion: read the new testament: lots more was written there about adultery & divorce than about the gayz.

    Ma sei davvero una vergogna, come si dice in italiano! (=What a shame u are, in Italian)

    No more secrets! Basta con i segreti!

    I hope your career follows that of George Alan Rekers: hypocrisy isnt pretty. And neither are u. Double standards will catch up with you, idioto !!

  • Robert, NYC

    No. 14, Jeffree, é verammente una vergogna e anche un mentitore!

    No. 12 Tjr101…I was having dinner thursday evening with straight friends who echoed the same view of Staten Island. Its Guy Molinari country, another bigot and homophobe. Its arguably the most heavily populated Italian-American part of the city with a lot of the Soprano’s mentality. Whenever have to go there for family functions, I always feel I’m in an alien place. I don’t feel safe there either.

    To digress, does anyone see a resemblance between Fossella and John Hamm of MAD? Quite attractive in spite of his hypocrisy. They could pass for brothers, though I’d opt for Hamm, any day.

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