“Family Values” Sen. David Vitter’s Alleged Mistress Says He Asked Her To Abort His Child

cq5dam.web.1280.1280Antigay Louisiana gubernatorial candidate Sen. David Vitter’s insatiable sexual appetite is once again coming to bite him in the butt, and the timing couldn’t be worse.

On the eve of the state’s gubernatorial election, in which Vitter is neck and neck with his opponents, one of the senator’s alleged former mistresses has come forward to say she got pregnant by the Chick-fil-A-loving, pro-life, antigay, “family values” senator 15 years ago.

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Over the weekend, Wendy Ellis spoke withAmerican Zombie blogger Jason Brad Berry about her relationship with Vitter. According to Ellis, she and Vitter had a three-year relationship that ended in 2000 after she became pregnant with his child. Ellis claims Vitter asked her to abort the fetus.

“When I was asked to have an abortion it kind of threw me,” she said. “[He] can sit there and walk across a grassy knoll holding your wife and your children’s hands screaming family values but you want me to go abort my baby?”

She continued: “I knew that if I had the baby that the life for the child and myself would be completely unmanageable. We would never live a normal life and so at eight months I decided to give the baby up for adoption and never speak about it again.”

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Instead of having an abortion, Ellis says she put the child up for adoption. She’s chosen break her silence now because, she says, she is dying of lupus and wants to set the record straight.

But not everyone is buying her story.

Vitter’s campaign is remaining tight-lipped about the allegations other than to say Ellis has “zero legitimacy.” Others have pointed out that she hasn’t provided any tangible evidence to support her allegations, though she did pass a polygraph test when asked if she had a sexual relationship with the senator “for at least four months” back in 2007. And others have used her criminal record, which includes forgery, theft and probation violations, in an effort to discredit her story.

But it’s not like Vitter’s record is squeaky clean either. In 2007, he admitted to spending thousands of dollars on prostitutes, who he reportedly paid to dress him up in diapers and spank him like a little baby. Despite committing what he called a “serious sin,” he said he had squared everything away with God, so it was all good. His wife, Wendy, told national media she, too, had forgiven her husband, but vowed to castrate him if it ever happened again.

Sen. Vitter, if you’re reading, you’d better sleep with one eye open tonight.

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