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Famous journalist compares Kevin Spacey to Dalai Lama, says he “hates” Anthony Rapp

“I would like to talk to Kevin Spacey…I feel so sad, and I hate that actor (Anthony Rapp) that ruined this guy’s career…So, OK, it happened 10 years ago… Jesus, suck it up once in a while! I would like to ask [Spacey] how it feels to lose a lifetime of success and hard work all because of 10 minutes of indiscretion 10 years or more ago… You know something, all of us in this room at one time or another did something we’re ashamed of. The Dalai Lama has done something he’s ashamed of. The Dalai Lama should confess… put that in your magazine!”— Author and journalist Gay Talese at an appearance the Library Lions Gala at the New York Public Library, when asked who he’d be interested in profiling today.