She bangs

Fans were “not prepared” for what Ricky Martin showed off on his Insta-story

How do you get ready for a night on the town?

Play your favorite song? Give yourself an empowering pep-talk in the mirror? Try on nine outfits before deciding on the one you started with?

We like to think Ricky Martin has his own special ritual involving a handful of Ricky Martin.

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While getting dressed for the Dior men’s show at Miami’s Art Basel (where a banana and some tape took the art world by storm), the “Shake Your Bon-Bon” singer gave his Instagram followers an eye-full on his story.

With Ben Platt singing “River” in the background, Martin adjusts his jacket, then asks “Good?” as the camera pans down and he adjusts something else.

One fan recorded the clip for posterity, where it’s racked up over 150k views:

Folks had a lot to say about it: