Fans react to the jaw-dropping drama of this week’s ‘Drag Race’

Spoilers below for RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 episode 7.

Drama goes hand in hand with a reality show about drag queens, but Thursday’s “Snatch Game” episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the accompanying Untucked were particularly brimming in the conflict department.

After some uncomfortable celebrity impersonations (and some standout performances from Aquaria, Monet & Eureka) in the main challenge, the queens were asked who they thought should be sent packing.

While Eureka gave a diplomatic answer (“Asia, because she’s my strongest competition”) The Vixen used her time to lob personal attacks at Eureka.

She told the judges: “I have never seen such a level of unprofessionalism as I have watching Eureka and it baffles me that you guys enjoy her so much. It really has been very difficult working in an environment with her because she takes all the air out of the room.”

“In my defence,” said Eureka, “I tell everyone all the time ‘I’m sorry I’m so loud’ and ‘I’m sorry I’m too much.'”

The Vixen said: “But you don’t stop trying to be loud or try to stop being too much.”

The other queens on stage then chose The Vixen as their elimination pick, and you can imagine how that went over backstage on Untucked.

Even some of The Vixen’s biggest supporters are having a hard time justifying her behavior towards the other girls.

The Vixen, for her part, has dug her heels in on Twitter after the episode aired:

Here’s some of the reaction:

But there are still plenty on Team Vixen, as there should be. She’s a strong queen with a real messege to deliver:

In the end, The Vixen won the lip sync after Monique gave one of the sloppiset performances in Drag Race history, so this drama will play out for at least another episode.