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Fans rejoice at the return of this bisexual bat-babe’s bubble butt

DC Comics character Nightwing stands in front of a cityscape with his back turned, large butt on full spandex-clad display

We could not be happier to see a development in this hard-hitting, stakes-heavy story. After months of seemingly hopeless protest, it seems DC hero Nightwing’s butt has been restored to its true trunk-junk glory.

The crime fighter’s bubbly backside has been an essential element of his character for years. Yet, when the first looks for his model in the new Gotham Knights game were released back in August, his prime posterior was almost non-existent.

Photo via WB Games Montreal

Just straight from the back to the thighs. An affront, if not a direct attack.

Fans understandably weren’t having it, but outcry to restore the assets had appeared to fall on unsympathetic ears. When contacted about the oversight, the game’s devs simply stated they were “currently comfortable with the size of Nightwing’s posterior,” though they did add that they “can’t promise that we won’t revisit this issue again someday.”

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It seems such a revisit may have taken place after all. Now that the game has officially been released, fans are reveling in the full reinstatement of the batty brawler’s backdoor.

Gotham was never the same:

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That’s not all fans have to love about Gotham Knights‘ Nightwing, though! In-keeping with the queer inclusion demonstrated by Gotham’s new West End gayborhood, the game’s devs decided to throw in some playful hints to Nightwing’s apparent bisexuality.

Between a bi flag mug and some flirtatious interview quotes, it seems Dick Grayson is batting for both teams.

Get it? “Batting”?:

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